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Fed up of not being able to find important clients? Tag them! This plugin allows you to tag your records to identify them instantly. Color coded tags makes it even simpler to catch them.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#4605 "Please Configure TagMe License" message - Hi, We have purchased a lifetime TagMei for suite CRM license (order 10818). It has been working fi steve8 Closed Bug?
#3904 search not working - Hello, I installed TagMe3.2.9 on SuiteCRM 7.10.9, and added a TagMe field to Contacts. When I cli jpatten Closed Bug?
#3903 Tag cloud not working - Hello, I installed TagMe3.2.9 on SugarCRM 7.10.9, and the tag cloud dashleft does not seem to be jpatten Closed Bug?
#3871 SuiteCRM setup and installation - Hello, I am trying to get this setup for SuiteCRM and so far it is not working. I was able to in mmalone Closed Installation
#3620 License problem? - Hi, have noticed the following in my suitecrm.log files when I validate the license. The validation mpeet1 Closed Bug?
#3556 Tag with Color is blank - I have some error with the installation of tagme. When I try to create a label, the error "Tag informatica1 Closed Bug?
#3428 How to assign Tag as part of workflow ? - Hi, I am trying to assign a predefined tag as part of a workflow. Basically when a value changes steve8 Closed General Question
#3157 tagme data type field is not searchable in basic and advanced Search. - Hi Team, We are not able to search tag me datatype field in search.It results all the records. sravani.tedla Closed Bug?
#2828 Licensing problem - Hi, It seem that we have a licensing problem with tagme. We have updated tagme last december and, joel Closed Bug?
#2773 TagMe Dashlets - Hi, We just updated tagme from version 2.0.1 to 3.0. We follow these steps: 1- Uninstall tagme 2 joel Closed Bug?
#2769 New version of tagme - Hi, We bought tagme version 2.0.1 on SugarOutfitters, and we saw on your web site that the versio joel Closed General Question
#2719 Colour Coding Tags - When creating a tag I wondered if it is possible to set my own colour coding Some tags I want to taufiqueahmed Closed Feature
#2608 Any chance to get a V7 version? - We use 7.5 Pro. I see this 2 yeas promoses to issue a new version compatiple with V7. Shoul we wait vstasovsky Closed General Question
#2415 TagMe Cloud dashlet only available to Administrator - Hi, For some reason TagMe Cloud dashlet is only available to Administrator (not showing in Add dash olegkurenev Closed Bug?
#2414 Strict Standards - Hi, Installed TagMe module, added field to Counterparties module and in there got: "Strict Sta olegkurenev Closed Bug?
#2238 Installation Issues - Hi We installed Tagme added the fields in studio and tried to follow case #2085 to get t glenn1 Closed Bug?
#2182 TagMe - Hi, I'm planing to upgrade my Sugar CRM Professional 6.5.23 to version. I would like matoulas Closed General Question
#2116 Is there a way to assign specific colors to tags (e.g. red for negative items, green for positive). - Is there a way to assign specific colors to tags (e.g. red for negative items, green for positive).. bfox Closed General Question
#2085 How to show tagme menu [problem resolved] - I resolved it and I want to share it with all of you, the problem was that I couldn't to show a swak Closed General Question
#1972 limit the tag that CRM users can use - Hi, It's possible to limit the tags that users can use to tag Contacts and Accounts? Thank y agonzalez Closed General Question
#1596 Database Table not created - I just purchased tagMe and it won't create any tags! I'm using it with SuiteCRM 7.3.1. apulcino Closed Bug?
#1521 TagMe Not making tags - The instructions are pretty simple, but it does not seem to be making tags. I am using SuiteCRM 7.1. rcooke Closed Bug?
#1328 Process spawning - After the update last week to accommodate two tag fields in a single record I updated and all seemed johanbrady Closed Bug?
#1321 Tag management - Please forgive me if this is obvious. What I would like to be able to do is manage the tags: 1) to johanbrady Closed General Question
#1319 Two Tagme fields in one record causing problems - There seems to be a bug (or is it simply a limitation) if I add more than one tag field to a record. johanbrady Closed Bug?
#1198 Enable Audit - I can see that table has been created but cannot find where enable tagging audit so I can review tha orders1 Closed Bug?
#1160 TagMe in didn't work in Leads Conversion Layout - Hi, I need your help again. The TagMe working great to all modules, except when added custom data matoulas Closed Bug?
#1139 Need TagMe for 7.5 Urgently - Hello, We have installed the TagMe on Production 6.7 On Demand Instance and it will be upgraded Shailesh Closed Bug?
#1019 TagMe Clould Dashlet - Hi, My TagMe Cloud Dashlet show Tags not found start Tagged now. Also I did not see my Tag Global matoulas Closed Bug?
#1018 TagMe - Hi, I'm trying to run a report in sugarcrm using this TagMe plugin that I created in Contact matoulas Closed Bug?
#864 mobile apps - how would this work with mobile apps such as SugarMob and iSugar? drainey Closed General Question
#527 V7 Version - We have an on-demand client upgrading to V7.1.6, we understand that tagMe won't work. When w fletch Closed Feature
#490 When will this be available for Sugar 7? - When will tagME be available for Sugar version 7.1.6? carla.hickies Closed Feature
#465 Tag too long - won't let me remove - I created a tag that was too long and split to a second line in the field box. Now I can't remo marketing5 Closed Bug?
#442 Installation failed for Sugar Open Cloud (ie On-Demand Instance) - Installation failed with message: The package you are attempting to install does not conform to t fletch Closed Installation
#436 DEV and PROD Systems - We have a client that has both DEV and PROD instances. I assume we can install on DEV for test/suppo fletch Closed Installation
#404 tagMe is not working as it should - Hi, just installed tagMe and am experiencing these issues: 1. Stacktrace dump on the homepage ts Closed Bug?
#312 for sugar 5.5.4 - Greetings - Do you have a version that would work for sugar 5.5.4? thanks in advance fb.daytona Closed Feature
#204 Reports - Is it possible to create a report on tags so that I am able to which contacts are tagged with a part Harsh Closed Feature
#192 tagMe - Though tagMe page states it is, tagMe is not compatible with Sugar Profession 6.7.1. Harsh Closed Bug?
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