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#436 - DEV and PROD Systems

Closed Installation created by fletch 9 years ago

We have a client that has both DEV and PROD instances. I assume we can install on DEV for test/support purposes and also install on PROD for day to day use concurrently ?

  1. jason member avatar


    9 years ago

    That's a pretty normal and reasonable use of the license. As long as it's for a single production instance there shouldn't be any issue with that.


    • fletchoss member avatar


      9 years ago

      I've just been through a horrendous exercise with another client caused by the License Key Process that is used on this site. It made the sale a VERY unprofitable one so I just want to be sure I want to have those sort of issues again.

    • jason member avatar


      9 years ago

      Understandable, but I recall that issue and remember that Chad worked diligently to help resolve the issue and that it wasn't caused by the License Key Process, but by the server which had an out-of-date CA cert bundle installed. To get around it Chad had to set the ignore SSL flag on the cURL connection. It was an expensive hit on our side as well, but going forward that specific issue is at least known now. We can definitely discuss more via email if you'd like. The biggest key is to ensure that the servers have up-to-date CA cert bundles. We haven't seen that happen in a live install yet so that was a surprise.

      With tagMe, there isn't a license key component at this time so you won't have to check for that this time around.

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