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Fed up of not being able to find important clients? Tag them! This plugin allows you to tag your records to identify them instantly. Color coded tags makes it even simpler to catch them.

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Fed up of remembering important clients? Tag them! This plugin allows you to organize your data by giving those tags!! Tags are keywords or terms that help describe a contact. Using additional information or notes that you have about your contact, tags help you list the little things about your contact that would normally be forgotten. For example, if you know your contact is a fan of NFC-North Teams, you can add in the “Tags” section of the “Edit Contact” page, ‘The NFC-north’. If your organization ever gives away tickets to contacts, you can search for any contact with the tag ‘NFC-north’ in SugarCRM. tagMe will pull up all contacts that have this tag and you can then get in touch with your contacts and give them those tickets! Tags are independent of categories defined in SugarCRM. You can use n-number of tags to best organize the contacts sharing similar interests. Color coded tags make it even simpler to catch them. P.S. Color codes are randomly generated.

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  • "Installed flawlessly. The Urdhva Tech team was EXCELLENT and quick. Highly recommend."

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