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Are you tired of manually creating lead records within Sugar Sell from conversations with hot prospects via your Drift chatbot platform? Leave those tedious tasks in the past by checking out the Drift for Sugar Sell Integration by BrainSell! With a single click, marketing and sales professionals can automatically create a lead record within Sugar Sell that populates with information gained during the Drift conversation.

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Create lead records in one click from Drift to Sugar Sell

The Drift for Sugar Sell Integration by BrainSell aims to eliminate the manual processes of collecting lead data and contextual engagement insights from Drift's conversational marketing platform and moving it over to a Sugar Sell instance.

Based on the Drift platform's playbook, the integration can automatically pull name, company, and contact information and then create the lead record within Sugar Sell. Along with that, the integration will also include the entire chat history with the prospect. This provides additional insight into past engagement, so future conversations are relevant, contextual, and compelling.

With this integration, marketing teams, BDRs, SDRs, and sales teams can offer an excellent customer experience with the comfort of knowing all the information from the conversation will be easily accessible in the lead record for future use.

Key Features

Seamless, Real-Time Data Synchronization

The Drift for Sugar Sell Integration syncs all your engagement with current and prospective customers via the Drift chat platform with your Sugar Sell database. This keeps your CRM up to date while allowing reps to continue working within Drift.

Simplified Workflows

The integration removes the need to manually hop between systems to copy and paste information. This saves your team time and boosts efficiency.

Vital Data Right Where You Need It

Sales reps gain deeper insights and context into prior conversations with a prospect or customer, allowing for more relevant conversations and streamlined buying experiences.

How it Works

With the Drift for Sugar Sell Integration, users can seamlessly create Sugar lead records directly from Drift conversations. With a simple sync, the lead record populates all the necessary information and includes the full conversation from the Drift platform for additional context. Users can also sync Drift conversations with pre-existing contacts to better coordinate customer success and support initiatives.

The status of the Drift sync, along with a link to the information in Drift are displayed in the Drift panel on the Sugar record:

Drift Panel.jpg

SugarCRM Admins can select whether to map to Leads and Contacts, or just Contacts, and choose the sync direction:

Drift field mapping.png

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