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Fed up of not being able to find important clients? Tag them! This plugin allows you to tag your records to identify them instantly. Color coded tags makes it even simpler to catch them.

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#490 - When will this be available for Sugar 7?

Closed Feature created by carla.hickies 9 years ago

When will tagME be available for Sugar version 7.1.6?

  1. urdhvatech-primary-contact member avatar


    9 years ago

    We are working on it. Once we are ready and get a green signal from our QA team, we will release it. For now we don't have exact release date.

  2. danimal member avatar


    9 years ago

    HI, I'm also interested in a tag product for Sugar 7

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  • "An excellent plugin for tagging modules with mass update features. Great plugin and great service."

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