by PixelRiver

Reliable, simple-to-use plugin for enabling one-on-one and conference-room communication via video, phone, chat, and SMS with internal users and external contacts. Keep connected with your colleagues and your contacts.

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End-to-End Communications Solution

The PixelRiver Unified Communications plugin for SugarCRM enables you to initiate video calls, phone calls, chat sessions, and video sessions directly from within your SugarCRM contact database. This plugin provides a number of powerful features:

  • A visual indicator of when other SugarCRM users are logged into the system
  • Initiate text- and video-based communication with logged-in SugarCRM users
  • Engage in SMS conversations with SugarCRM users and SugarCRM contacts
  • Make and receive phone calls directly from the SugarCRM contact record
  • Create multi-user video-conference rooms with file and desktop screen sharing
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