by PixelRiver

Reliable, simple-to-use plugin for enabling one-on-one and conference-room communication via video, phone, chat, and SMS with internal users and external contacts. Keep connected with your colleagues and your contacts.


Do I need any special hardware to host or join a video session?

All you need is a standard webcam (whether external or integrated with your computer), a microphone, and speakers.

Do I have to install any special plug-ins in my browser to use the video session feature?

There is no additional software that you need to install to join a video session. It is very similar to Google Hangouts.

Do I need a special phone number to send and receive SMS or will it work with my phone?

If you opt for the Haromnia Advanced package, PixelRiver will provision a new number for you that will be specifically used for inbound/outbound SMS and inbound/outbound calling through the plug-in. You cannot use this number for any other purpose.

What do I need in order to share my screen with other video conference participants?

First, you must be using Google Chrome. Second, you must install a special Google Chrome PixelRiver plugin that is available from the video conference room screen. Once installed, you must restart your browser. After that initial installation, all you have to do is click the "Share Screen" button, select your desktop or an open application, and start sharing.

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