by PixelRiver

Reliable, simple-to-use plugin for enabling one-on-one and conference-room communication via video, phone, chat, and SMS with internal users and external contacts. Keep connected with your colleagues and your contacts.


The PixelRiver Unified Communications Module enables the following additional functionality within your SugarCRM system:

  • Presence - know when other users are logged in to the SugarCRM system and engage them in real-time chat or video conversations
  • Video conferencing - initiate a point-to-point (single receiver) video conference with another SugarCRM user
  • Video meeting room - create a multi-person video meeting room similar to Google Hangouts including screen sharing
  • Phone call - place a phone call directly to a contact using just your computer
  • Text messaging - engage in text-message conversations with both SugarCRM contacts (via SMS) and other users
  • Desktop screen sharing - share your desktop or an open application window with other video conference participants
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