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Acuity Scheduling, a cloud-based appointment scheduling software solution enables business owners to manage appointments online. Sugar Integrate for Acuity Scheduling provides a cohesive, user friendly integration for the sales team visibility into appointments requested by customers or by the employees of an organization. SugarCRM users can sync and manage Acuity Scheduling appointments with their SugarCRM account collected centrally in the meetings module.

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Key Integration Features​

  • Automatically sync new, rescheduled or cancelled customer appointments from Acuity Scheduling to Sugar "Meetings"
  • Sync basic appointment information (e.g. name, email, calendar) to Sugar "Meetings"​
  • Sync Acuity Appointment type and Appointment add-ons to Sugar "Meetings"
  • To trigger the sync of an appointment from Acuity to Sugar the Web Hook feature of Acuity is used.
    • This feature can be configured by an admin user in the integration setting of Acuity.


  • Eliminates lost and mishandled appointment information from external booking calendar​s
  • Provides Acuity Scheduling web-based booking​ information to SugarCRM
  • Allows processing of appointment data​
  • Enables measurement of meeting activities​

Reference Model

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  • In Acuity Scheduling, the Appointments can be booked from different landing pages. Each appointment is assigned a unique appointment type.
  • Each appointment can have different add-ons which can also be selected by the customer creating the booking request. These add-ons can extend the length of an appointment, which is handled within Acuity Scheduling.​
  • The business owner can define their own fields which can or must be filled by its customer when an appointment is scheduled. These fields are created dynamically. Their values are transferred to Sugar in the full appointment JSON record.​
  • When a booking request (appointment) is saved the integration is informed about that save and a process is started which reads the appointment from Acuity Scheduling, searches for the same appointment in Sugar and creates or updates the matching Meeting in Sugar.​
  • Customers have full access to certain calendars of the business owner to schedule appointments with them.

Integration Pre-requisites​

  • Acuity Scheduling instance with full API access​
  • Sugar Sell or Sugar Enterprise 11.0​
  • Sugar’s Acuity installable package – adding custom Sugar field(s) ​
  • Sugar Integrate license for Acuity​
  • Sugar dedicated user license for the integration ​


  • Acuity Scheduling sends all information by web hooks to Sugar integration. When the integration is unreachable, the web hook is called subsequently until it is executed successfully, ​hence, the Meeting module is not updated immediately within SugarCRM
  • Appointments which are hard deleted in Acuity cannot be synced to SugarCRM
  • Any changes made in SugarCRM Meetings are not synced to Acuity scheduling.

Installation and Setup

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