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Reliable, simple-to-use plugin for enabling one-on-one and conference-room communication via video, phone, chat, and SMS with internal users and external contacts. Keep connected with your colleagues and your contacts.

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Phone Calls

The PixelRiver Unified Communications Module enables you to make outbound VoIP calls directly from within the SugarCRM interface.

There are two ways to make a call:

  • First, you can click on any phone number in a contact record. This will initiate the call.

PixelRiver SugarCRM Start Phone Call

  • Second, you can click on the Phone Icon beneath the Company Information Section of a contact record. This will place a call to the default phone number.

PixelRiver SugarCRM End Phone Call

To end a call, click on the End Call Button in the lower right corner of the Dashboard.

  1. Vincent member avatar


    7 years ago

    Can you create a video to show this feature in action, both outgoing and incoming calls please?

  2. pixelriver member avatar

    PixelRiver Provider

    7 years ago

    Hi, Vincent I have asked Jason to update the site with the information you have requested.. We should have it by the end of the week.


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