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It has never been easier to Score Your Data Add rating fields to any SugarCRM module right from within Studio. No coding required ! Choose the maximum number of stars to display, allow (or not) half stars and you're ready to go ! Works on on all major views including Detail, Edit, List, and Search right out of the box.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#3736 Does this module work on Sugar 8? - Hi , we are looking to purchase but can you confirm that this module works on Sugar8? Thanks, Closed General Question
#3419 Updates - Hi, We are getting an issue where Sugar Support have advised that is a conflict with a custom fil Brentr Open Bug?
#2947 Not working on 7.8 ?? - Hello, We've just migrate on a 7.8.0 enterprise and this module can't be installed anymore. Coul benoitvoisenet Closed Bug?
#2567 Star Search Not Working - For some reason the star search is not working. See below. ![star example.jpeg](https://www.suga n8weaver Closed Bug?
#2513 Unable to install Scoring/Rating field Module - Hi, My CRM version is: Version 7.7.1, Sugar Version 6.5.24 (Build 509). I tried installing ca geraldinetay27 Closed Installation
#2510 OnDemand Deployment - Scanning Package Installation failed! The package you are attempting to install does not confo Suavis Inc Closed Bug?
#2479 can't upload star rating to sugar ondemand demo instance - Hi, When trying to load the cap star rating module into Sugar it produces error message that it's ldolphin Closed Bug?
#2228 License Issue - Hi, I noticed a license issue on CRM with the rating module installed. Can you help? https://www. geraldinetay27 Closed Bug?
#1590 Issue with Module and edit view - Hi, I have installed the module and created a rating field. In detailed view the star rating app jonnie00 Closed Bug?
#1556 Compatible with ? - I'm running the most recent version of sugar 7.6, but when I try to load the module I get the follow philip Closed Bug?
#1300 Allow customers to rate? - Does this addon allow us to embed within emails sent to customers at close of a support case, so the Vincent Closed General Question
#819 Stars not displaying - I am currently using sugarcrm on-site and I followed the installation guide however the star pi Closed Bug?
#749 for Communauty Edition ? - SugarCE 6.5.17 reports the following error, do you have a different installable file? The uploaded bob Closed Bug?
#562 Images in your documentation - I just wanted you to know that your screens are not showing the images correctly Ticomix, Inc Closed General Question

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