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It has never been easier to Score Your Data Add rating fields to any SugarCRM module right from within Studio. No coding required ! Choose the maximum number of stars to display, allow (or not) half stars and you're ready to go ! Works on on all major views including Detail, Edit, List, and Search right out of the box.

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Score or Rate your customers or opportunities within a second


Thanks to Scoring field, we get a graphical feedback on our opportunities to focus priority on the highly-rated ones!

We use Rating field to record the level of service provided to our customers. A case on a 3 stars-rated customer is now directly taken into account by our QA team!

Graphical Widget for your CRM

Just add the rating field to Accounts / Leads and BOOM, you're ready to set a graphical indicator to instantly visualize your best and high priority customers!

You want more?

The field is searchable like any other field. You can retrieve all the records which scoring is higher than 2 stars (or between 3 and 4 stars) in a single second!

Find Key Records Instantly

Stop using painful drop downs which are hard to use and read. Instantly identify key records with this intuitive, graphical star system.

It allows sugar administrators to define new rating fields directly from the studio for all studio-enable modules. Simply add a custom Rating field to any module and start scoring your data.

Compatible SugarCRM Modules

Will work on all SugarCRM 6.5 modules, even custom modules ! Rate Accounts, Leads, Meetings, Calls, Notes, ... or whatever you want to rate !

Add one or more rating fields directly from the Studio and start to score !

Please not that in SugarCRM 7.x, the field is only working with legacy modules list as documented in SugarCRM documentation.

Works for all majors view :

Detail View (Sugar 6) DetailView screenshoot

Detail View (Sugar 7) DetailView screenshoot

Edit View (Sugar 6) EditView screenshoot

Edit View (Sugar 7) EditView screenshoot

List View (Sugar 6) ListView screenshoot

List View (Sugar 7) ListView screenshoot

Multiedit in List View (Sugar 7) ListView screenshoot

It even supports range searches. Just add the field to the search layout to find just a specific range of records based on the star rating.

Reporting Support for SugarCRM Pro

We offer a free reporting add-on for this new field type if you are not using Sugar's On Demand hosting. With it you are able to define your rating fields as filters and display them within the report displayed columns thanks to the additional module Captivea ReportsQualifiers zip file provided in your downloads.

Reports screenshoot


Edit View widget uses Raty Jquery plugin from Washington Botelho

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