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Sudo Login (or Masquerade) allows Administrators to log in as any regular user without asking for their password and without disconnecting them. Specially useful for configuring their workspace (filters, reports, dashboard) or to support users (reproduce issues, help them step by step, etc).

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Release Notes

[Version 2.6] 2021, October 14th

  • Compatible with SugarCRM 11.1 (latest OnDemand release to date)

[Version 2.5] 2021, May 21st

  • Compatible with SugarCRM 11.0 (latest OnDemand release to date)

[Version 2.4] 2021, March 31st

  • Compatible with SugarCRM 10.3

[Version 2.31] 2020, November 6th

  • Fix a renderview failed error on homepage after masquerade on 10.2

[Version 2.3] 2020, November 5th

  • Compatible with SugarCRM 10.2 (latest OnDemand release to date)

[Version 2.21]

  • Split the version in the legacy one for Sugar 8 9 10 10.1

[Version 2.2]

  • Compatible with SugarCRM 10
  • Reworked the masquerade mecanism thanks to eligeo Sugarcrm Partner. Many thanks to Derek and eligeo team.

[Version 2.1]

  • Compatible with SugarCRM 9

[Version 2.0]

  • Total rewrite of the module for SugarCRM 8
  • New Feature : Administrator can trigger SudoLogin right from the homepage, selecting directly any regular and active user.

[Version 1.0]

  • SudoLogin initial release.
  • Actions are triggered from Users Module directly.
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  • "Great and responsive customer service! There was a conflict with one of the recent Sugar upgrades and iDevIT was quick to respond and resolve the issu..." - cpike

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