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Sudo Login (or Masquerade) allows Administrators to log in as any regular user without asking for their password and without disconnecting them. Specially useful for configuring their workspace (filters, reports, dashboard) or to support users (reproduce issues, help them step by step, etc).

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#4580 V 11.1.0 - Is this compatible with Q3 upgrade? Malarkey Roofing Admin Closed General Question
#4535 Compatible with v11 - Hi, is current version compatible with Sugar v11.0? Vincent Closed General Question
#4483 Password changed automatically - When I go into a user profile and into edit view, then click save it says password successfully upda bstetzer Closed Bug?
#4345 LDAP and Users Unable to login - We have deployed this plugin into an environment with LDAP. After logging into a user account (from eligeo Closed Bug?
#4326 Non-Administrators - Is it possible to assign someone other than an Administrator the ability to "act" as others? eligeo Closed General Question
#4294 Cannot schedule reports for other users - Hello, So far the application will not allow me to schedule reports for other sugar users. I have bstetzer Closed Bug?
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