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Sudo Login (or Masquerade) allows Administrators to log in as any regular user without asking for their password and without disconnecting them. Specially useful for configuring their workspace (filters, reports, dashboard) or to support users (reproduce issues, help them step by step, etc).

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Sudo Login for SugarCRM 8/9/10.0/10.1/10.2 allows SugarCRM Administrators to log in as a different user without knowing or entering their password in one click. This process is also known as Masquerade.

NOW Compatible with Sugar OnDemand 10.2 (Q4-2020 release)

The module has been totally rewritten to rely on the modern (Sugar8 and +) API and capabilities. Using the module, Sugar Administrators will be able to perform two of the most frequent actions Admins are doing on usual basis :

  • Setup / Configure user's personnal workspace, that is specially useful for team's newcomers to avoid letting them start from a blank CRM page !
  • Simplify Support Tasks by letting Admins assist users step by step, or test / reproduce any behavior or issue within the CRM using a specific user's worskspace (every admin know that most of the problems does not occur while using the admin privileges)

Log in as a user will give all this user's specific settings, rights, privileges, access to records, reports, filters, ...

This module is a must-have in any CRM implementation, and our customers are using it for years. Don't wait and give it a try, you'll not regret it.

Sudo Login is available on your SugarCRM Homepage, right in the footer, for all Admin users : SugoLoginFooter.png

A new Sugar drawer will scroll down and offer you to select the regular user as you want to log in : Popup.png

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* Free 30 day trial
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