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Quickly view the organizational hierarchy of any account or contact. Identify key decision makers and influencers using this handy dashlet. Know where a given contact fits in or how an account is structured.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#4706 Does not work on latest versions of SugarCRM - Please can you advise when this will be working on Sugar 12.2 Open Installation
#4548 change the colours on the lines? - The lines seem to be very faint, almost can't see them. Can I make them darker? Cheers chrislaird Closed General Question
#4361 is update to 10.0.0 availble soon / dashlet not visible since update - Hi there, Since our sugar system has been updated to version 10, the chart plugin is not working, marketingEPE Closed Bug?
#4215 will the update to 9.1.0 available soon - Hi there, Our Sugar CRM just got upadted to 9.1. The current version of the plugin is compatible marketingEPE Closed General Question
#4090 Stopped Working - Hello, The org chart functionality stopped working completely? I am not sure how to check the jonsales2 Closed General Question
#3857 Having an Issue - Hey, Does SynoOrgchart allow parent child between two contacts? Or, is the relationship only bet jonsales2 Closed Feature
#3841 different colours for contacts - on the plug in the colours for the accounts and for the contacts are both green. although the colour lbeck Closed General Question
#3515 Member of relation hides one of the contacts - Hi Support Team, We think that we found a bug related to the "Member of" relationship a MyCRM Closed Bug?
#3418 30 day trial - Hi - I've just got this package but instead of a 30 day trial it looks like I've already b stuart1 Closed General Question
#3410 The uploaded file is not compatible with this version of Sugar: - SUGAR_SYNO parasolisland Closed Bug?
#3283 OrgChart is not displaying any data - I have followed your instructions and created the dashlet. It is not populating with any data whatso ehiggins Closed Bug?
#3093 Load limits? - Is there a limit on how many accounts will show in the list view? meaghan.dries Closed General Question
#2921 Cannot see hierarchy of contacts, only companies - The product installed correctly in (Build 23), at least as far as I can tell, but the hierar twanek Closed General Question
#2747 Cannot click preview or click through on org chart (on customer or using the "eye") - When i double click on a customer or on the "eye" i cannot see or click through to more de LKirstein Closed Installation
#2729 / Preview button & links - I noticed that you don't list as a supported version. Will that be coming soon? I ha Technology Advisors Closed Bug?
#2339 See only the lines of the hierarchy without the Icons for Accounts and Contacts - I installed the module (SugarCRM Enterprise Version Unfortunately I only see the Hierarchy sgeo Closed Bug?
#2285 Hide Contacts? - Is there any way to hide contacts from the dashlet and focus only on the account structure? Many of Technology Advisors Closed Feature
#2279 Support for - Hello, Are you planning to add support for Sugar If so, do you have an estimate for when Technology Advisors Closed General Question
#2213 The pluging isn´t compatible with version - Hello, I´ve purchased the pluging now and when I try to install it in my version of S mesteban Closed Installation
#2212 The pluging isn´t compatible with version - Hello, I´ve purchased the pluging now and when I try to install it in my version of S mesteban Closed Installation
#2047 OrgChart - Hi there, I have purchased the OrgChart for our company but am having difficulties with it. It doe ChristineMina Closed Bug?
#2005 Organization Chart for Sugar 7 - This does not work with my version of SuiteCRM. Please refund. Thanks, Bill Schrickel billschrickel Closed Installation
#1721 Suitecrm supprt - Hello, are there plans to make the plugin also suitecrm compatible? jobvector GmbH Closed General Question
#1140 SynOrgChart, console error in, "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'dispatch' of null" - After upgrading to we've noticed this error in the browser console: ~~~ FATAL[2015-2 jks1989 Closed Bug?
#1079 Can't be seen in dashlets - I installed this addon and made repair & rebuild, but I can't see dashlet in accounts and c visavalkonen Closed Installation
#970 interorganisational Chart - I have a very large client who would like to show relationships between organisations rather than pe fletch Closed General Question
  • "Works good, seemless installation. Would be nice to have a possibility to show the organisation network in a global screen popup or separate browser ..." - SugarMountain

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