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Connect Sugar with Ringover to synchronise all your call data and make unlimited international calls with ease, saving you time and boosting your team’s productivity so they can do more selling and less clicking.

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Calls + Messaging + Video all in One

Ringover combines unlimited calls, group messaging and video conferencing into one easy-to-use app. You can integrate it with Sugar CRM in just a few clicks with no expertise needed.

Why integrate with Ringover?

Save time: With features like click-to-call, your team no longer needs to waste time manually dialling numbers.

Complete visibility: Our dashboard gives you a 360° view of your call statistics and team performance making it easy for you to make efficiency-boosting improvements.

Speed up training time: With features like call whispering, you can quickly assist and train staff members.

Save money: With unlimited international calls to 110 destinations, you won't need to worry about hefty bills.

Benefit from file feedback

When a contact calls you, their information will instantly be displayed within the Sugar CRM interface.

Call in 1 click from SugarCRM

Your team will no longer have to manually dial numbers as they can make calls in a single click directly from Sugar CRM.

Your call history is all in one place!

All calls, texts, voicemail messages and recordings are automatically logged in the Sugar CRM. Your sales reps will no longer waste time manually entering their notes and data.

Synchronise your contact directories

With contact sync, all of your Sugar CRM data including your phone book are always up to date and ready!


  • Requires Ringover Power account. See pricing for more details.
  • Needs the Google Chrome browser with Ringover extension installed
  • Needs administrative access to the organization’s SugarCRM and Ringover accounts

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