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With AddressHelper, you can qualify and use your customers’ addresses with certainty! Automatic data entry, data suggestion, layout uniformization, verified information are just some of the expectations that our module – based on the Algolia Places library – meets, allowing you to have a high-quality address database. No more errors or long hours spent checking and uniformizing information!

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#4351 Does This Work With Custom Address Fields? - We have several module customizations that added address fields that are currently in the form of mu vinceoutlaw Open General Question
#4350 How Does This Work On Mobile? - I didn't see anything mentioning this capability on mobile device, so I'm wonder if there is support vinceoutlaw Open General Question
#4349 Map API needed? - Hi, does this addon use Google API and would each CRM instance need an API license? Vincent Open General Question

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