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Address Helper adds street address auto-completion to Sugar. Get correct qualified data to save yourself time and troubles. A must have it you ship parcels, mails, use map locators, and so on.
Address Helper currently uses external address autocomplete Apis. You can select one based on their capabilities or prices (most offer a free plan). Please contact us if you need to use an address auto-complete provider we do not list yet.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#4351 Does This Work With Custom Address Fields? - We have several module customizations that added address fields that are currently in the form of mu Westcoat Closed General Question
#4350 How Does This Work On Mobile? - I didn't see anything mentioning this capability on mobile device, so I'm wonder if there is support Westcoat Closed General Question
#4349 Map API needed? - Hi, does this addon use Google API and would each CRM instance need an API license? Vincent Closed General Question