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Address Helper adds street address auto-completion to Sugar. Get correct qualified data to save yourself time and troubles. A must have it you ship parcels, mails, use map locators, and so on.
Address Helper currently uses external address autocomplete Apis. You can select one based on their capabilities or prices (most offer a free plan). Please contact us if you need to use an address auto-complete provider we do not list yet.

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Documentation & Installation Guide


You can download the full documentation about Installation and how to use the module in English or in French to obtain additional information.

Add-on Installation

To install module you have to use the « Module Loader » tool found in the administration panel.


Once in the module loader, select the module package and click on "Upload" button.


Once the module is uploaded, you can deploy it by the « Install » button.


Accept the license terms then click on the « commit » button to start the installation.


Installation is automatic, wait until it’s finalized.

After, go to Administration >> Repair.


Launch the following repairs : • Quick Repair and Rebuild • Rebuild JS Grouping Files

Last steps : • Clear browser’s cache • Log-off from Sugar


The AddressHelper module can be uninstalled using the << Module loader >> in the Admin section.


Click on « Uninstall » button to launch the process.


Click on « Commit » button :


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