Highlevel Overview

With the AddressHelper integration by SYNOLIA, you can qualify and use your customers’ addresses with certainty! Automatic data entry, data suggestion, layout uniformization, and verified information are just some of the expectations that this module meets, allowing you to have a high-quality address database. No more errors or long hours spent checking and uniformizing information!

AddressHelper Benefits

Don’t waste time for addresses: With AddressHelper, as soon as you type an address in SugarCRM, you are presented with several options. Then, all you have to do is choose the right suggestion, and all the information will be automatically filled in.

Use your addresses with certainty: Your addresses are formatted according to a predetermined template as soon as they are saved. This saves you and your team a lot of time, and you no longer have to worry about their accuracy and format.

Enhance the quality of your CRM data: As SugarCRM is used, data quality should be one of your top priorities. AddressHelper allows you to strengthen it. By only using verified data, this module allows you to improve the overall quality of your data.

AddressHelper allows you to:

  • Quickly enter the addresses of your clients, leads and partners
  • Benefit from a powerful address pre-entry

Address Helper for SugarCRM inputing address example

  • Save verified and reliable location information
  • Immediately use standardized and homogeneous addresses on all your materials
  • Save precious time in the management of your contacts’ addresses
  • Safely complete your accounts / contacts sheets
  • Increase the overall quality of the information in your CRM
  • Plan specific marketing campaigns
  • Significantly reduce the number of NPAIs

The Final Touch

Combined with our Syno Géoloc module, AddressHelper allows you to find any entered address on a map. The possibilities are almost endless! You can find any location on a geographical support, calculate routes and help your team to get organized.

Address Helper for SugarCRM geographical example

To learn more about this solution, go to AddressHelper for Sugar, or search for "address database."