A lot of effort goes into launching a new product. Especially a new product that is an add-on to SugarCRM. Executing on your product idea is hard enough. You don’t need to waste additional resources on operational pieces that are not core to your business. You need to get your idea out there as soon as possible to not only prove the idea, but to help iterate on it; to find that perfect market fit.

We Make It Easy

We help with that in many ways. First and foremost, we provide a drop-in library to help lock down your IP. By leveraging our License API you can save yourself weeks and even months of development time along with future maintenance and support issues that will surely arise (trust us, we lived it). You also get your own documentation area and support portal when listing with SugarOutfitters. Already have a support portal? Integrate your portal using our Webhooks API to make supporting your new add-on that much easier by automating your processes.

Get More Outreach

People come to SugarOutfitters because they expect a certain experience when choosing and using a SugarCRM add-on, and rightfully so. They want both products and people that they can trust. Products that have been full tested to ensure a high quality of standard. People that will be there to help if and when they need it. This is what has made SugarOutfitters the premiere place to go to find quality SugarCRM add-ons. Not only add-ons, but partners that can help them with even bigger initiatives which leads me to...

Build Your Brand

SugarOutfitters can be a great lead generation tool for your company. Because of the many touch points that we provide for you to build your brand you can position yourself as a market leader all while creating meaningful relationships. Anyone who has been in the services business for any amount of time knows how critical that is for business.

Our Focus Is on You

We understand the challenges you face when going to market which is why we built SugarOutfitters with you in mind and to be fully invested in your success. That is what makes us unique. Other marketplaces tend to focus on their platform only or on only adding more channel lines to boost their core product sales. We keep you front and center as the most important relationship we have.

Interesting in getting in front of the tens of thousands of SugarCRM users who visit SugarOutfitters every month? You can get started right now or email us at contact@sugaroutfitters.com.


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