If you have been to the SugarExchange website lately you most likely noticed a message at the top about a new SugarExchange. Many of the details of the new SugarExchange are still unknown at this time. Here is a snippet from that message that gives a bit of glimpse into what we can expect:

“At SugarCRM, we strive to make every customer relationship extraordinary. A key part of this strategy will be the new SugarExchange, which will be the goto place where our customers and partners will explore our ecosystem, discover add-ons, and get more information to make informed technology decisions.”

Does This Affect Us?

This sounds great and we are all for a better place to find SugarCRM add-ons. We already suggest to all of our sellers that they also list on SugarExchange. It just makes sense. So when sellers and partners come to us and ask us if this new SugarExchange affects us and if we are concerned then it should not come as any surprise when we say "absolutely not".

Not Our Circus, Not Our Monkeys

Why? Well to start, we are not a listing service. That is never what we set out to be. We have always been about being helpful, real people solving the real, everyday problems everyone faces when using SugarCRM. As a SugarCRM user, you want people and products that you can trust. A place that has actually tried out and tested their solutions and stands behind them with a guarantee. A place where you can get the help you need when you need it from a real person. As a solution provider, you want a place that makes it easy to sell, reduces your overhead and burden, and connects your solutions with as many people as possible. All while protecting your hard earned IP. As a SugarCRM implementer, you want to have all the tools (and people) on hand that help you to deliver to your happy clients.

Personally Outfitting SugarCRM Since 2012

Most importantly, we do this all with a personal touch. This personal attention that SugarOutfitters provides is what our customers, sellers, and affiliate partners have come to love and expect of us and it can't be replicated by a big box marketplace. Heck, even iTunes can't do it.

We Are Invested In You

The moment you reach out to us is when you and your business become the center of our attention. We are focused on you and are invested in your success. Every email, contact form, live chat, Skype, phone call, telegram (ok, we haven't seen that yet), and so on gets our full attention. This is uncommon in this day and age and having been on your side it can be refreshing.

As noted above, connecting businesses to the RIGHT solution is fundamentally important to us. So much so that we are known to recommend solutions that aren't even listed on our site. No one in their right mind would do that, but we are a little crazy. After all, we started SugarOutfitters when there were already TWO add-on listing sites from SugarCRM and dozens of 3rd party marketplaces.

We Are Here To Help

The point is that even if we don't have what you are looking for we most likely can connect you with the right people or at least point you in the right direction. Having been involved with SugarCRM for almost ten years, we have our finger on the pulse of the ecosystem. So if you are going to be at SugarCon we would love to chat. We'll be these guys wearing "I Can Help" shirts.

Jason & Chad from SugarOutfitters

Jason Eggers
Co-founder & CEO, SugarOutfitters

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