Do you implement SugarCRM for your clients? If so then you have likely done a gap analysis for your clients and found that you either needed to find something off-the-shelf to fulfill a need or build from scratch. Both have their own pros and cons. The nice thing about going with something pre-built is that it leaves you and your client open to more interesting initiatives. The sort of initiatives that bring client satisfaction to a whole new level.

Access to Demo Keys

The trouble with going off-the-shelf though is that you often have to spend a good amount of time to find something that sounds like it is close to what you need. Then you need to purchase it or start a trial just to find out that it isn’t at all what your client is looking for.

This is why we launched Demo Keys on SugarOutfitters. If you find an add-on that you want to try out you can simply let us know and we’ll drop the key into your Demo Key area. You can then download and try it out for yourself with no obligations. If it looks like a good fit then you or your client can go ahead with a purchase.

Affiliate Program

In addition to that benefit we also provide a little bit of a kickback for any purchase you or your clients make. For the life of their subscription you will earn 10%. There are no time limitations to that. The longer your clients stay with SugarCRM the longer you earn passive revenue.

Key Drop Program

As new, interesting add-ons come on board we will often do a Key Drop for you. Along with a demo key you will get some some collateral via email that helps to explain the purpose along with some notes that can be helpful during sales calls.

Finding new ways to be helpful to you is very important to us. This is what differentiates us from other platforms. Our focus is on your success. So if you ever have a pain point that we can help with let us know.

Cheers, Jason Eggers Co-founder & CEO, SugarOutfitters

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