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Introducing the Key Drop Program

Posted by on January 20, 2015

I'm excited to announce our new Key Drop program. As an expansion to our Affiliate Program, all our affiliates now have access to a demo key area just for them.

Why is this useful?

I'll let one of our affiliates explain:

Demo keys are a perfect way

Or as another affiliate put it:

"This is a great feature. I could have won some deals with this."

What does it consist of?

It's a better way to connect solutions with people like you or our other affiliates who are out there working with new and existing SugarCRM users every day. As part of the program we will occasionally do a Key Drop of solutions that will help your clients be more successful. When we do this we will also email you with information about the solution, sales collateral to help you effectively sell it, and a way to connect you with the developer for a personal demo.

It isn’t limited to just what we like.

If you find an add-on that you want to try out just let us know and we will set you up with a temporary demo key.

How do I become an Affiliate?

It's extremely easy. Just take 30 seconds and fill out our application form.

I sell add-ons. How do I do a Key Drop?

If you are already listed on our site it's simple. Email us and if it is a good fit we'll work with you to gather the materials and do a "drop". Not listed on SugarOutfitters, yet? Do it now.

I'm a seller. Why is this important to me?

One thing that we found out pretty quickly after starting SugarCRM is that different add-ons come with different sales cycles and different purchasing life cycles. And to our surprise, it wasn't always related to the cost. Some either require more of a high-touch sales process and others require someone actively recommending it to their clients. Said another way, some folks just don't know that they need the solution and need an expert to help them see how it can transform their business.

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