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Upsert® Call Center for Microsoft Teams Phone transforms your CRM into a customer-centric powerhouse. It automatically creates call records and serves up caller insights in real time, so you can focus on driving calls to resolutions and upselling an elevated experience.

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Supercharge your call center operations

Do you dread logging your phone calls, and struggle to find caller information? Upsert® Call Center for Microsoft Teams Phone is a SugarCRM plug-in that boosts productivity by reducing the manual overhead that slows agents down. It's highly customizable, region-agnostic, and syncs your call data straight from Microsoft Teams to Sugar.


Do more before Hello

Before you even make a call, you'll see phone-number derived insights like line type, location, and time zone, so you can gear up for what you want to say. Call Center also flags phone numbers that appear to be invalid before you waste the time it takes to dial them.


Hands-free call logging (well, mostly)

Once you make or receive a call, Upsert® Call Center for Microsoft Teams Phone automatically creates the SugarCRM call record for you, relates it to the appropriate person and account, and logs your call duration when you hang up. It will even relate the call to entities in custom modules. All you need to to do is enter the conversation outcome and notes. This auto-create functionality saves you time - it lets you focus on what was said and not get bogged down with data-entry overhead.

What's more, when you know that every call that your team makes and takes is getting logged, you can rest assured that you have the data you need to analyze trends and adjust your strategies on the fly. You can even align the data with corresponding events like a product launch, recall, or marketing blitz to track the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Get the customer insights that matter to you

When you schedule, make, or receive a call, you'll instantly have a 360-degree view of the customer's history and past interactions through Sugar's familiar and powerful UI. You can leverage focus drawers and custom dashboards to gain immediate access to the customer's data without navigating away from your call. Entice your agents to improve the quality of customer data by making it super simple to update details on the fly.


Spark actionable connections with your prospects

Introducing Call Sheets, the game-changing feature that empowers you to effortlessly organize and execute call lists for any call campaign including hot leads, customer upsell opportunities, and customer service followups. Say goodbye to scattered notes and spreadsheets; our intuitive CRM tool enables you to centralize your call targets and execute calls with ease. With real-time insights and tracking, you'll always know where your prospects stand, helping you build stronger relationships and close deals faster. Elevate your sales game with Call Sheets and watch your productivity and conversion rates soar!


Purchase Requirements

System Requirements

  • Sugar Sell (all Editions), Serve, Enterprise, and Professional products
  • Versions 12.3 and higher
  • Hosted in SugarCloud or on-site

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