Who wants to deal with software?

No one!

Not only can it be distracting to your job, but it can be downright annoying to deal with. The worst is trying to install it and you can't even get that to work! Finally when something does install and later breaks it feels like everyone has abandoned you. There's no one around to help you out. Now you are left paying a large amount of money with nothing to show for it and no help to be found.

People Who Care

This is why we founded SugarOutfitters. We understand how important the right software can be to your business and how critical it is that it works exactly how you expect it to. Even more important is how having the right people behind the software can help you not only get successfully set up, but fully maximize its benefits.

Personally Outfitting SugarCRM Since 2012

Get the Help You Need

We care about your success which is why we go to such lengths to ensure a great experience when you choose an add-on from SugarOutfitters. It starts with our 33 point inspection that every add-on goes through before being accepted. From there we then back everything with a 30 day guarantee so that you can try it out on your own site. If it isn't what you need we'll completely refund it. Throughout you'll have direct access to our outstanding sellers to get any questions that you may have answered or to get the help you need.

We are proud of our sellers' dedication to your success. So if you are ever in a need of an expert, another solution, training, or whatever let me know. I can help to connect you with the right people for you and your business.

Cheers, Jason Eggers Co-founder & CEO, SugarOutfitters jason@sugaroutfitters.com

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