by Implicit Inc.

Implicit FrontEnd is an Enterprise-Class Outlook integration solution which enables users to do all their CRM work from within Outlook. By offering a truly exceptional depth and breadth of integration with Outlook, Implicit FrontEnd increases productivity and CRM utilization by facilitating data entry as a natural extension of users’ daily use of Outlook.

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Improve Productivity and User Adoption

  • Leverage the ease of use and familiarity of Outlook to increases the adoption of CRM
  • Integrate CRM work seamlessly with your daily use of Outlook.
  • Automate data entry from Outlook to the CRM

Compare to SugarCRM native Outlook Plugin

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Access your CRM Data Directly from Outlook

  • Access, update and create CRM records: accounts, opportunities, cases etc.
  • Sync Outlook native items: contacts, calendars, tasks
  • Sync your custom CRM modules and custom fields
  • Use either tethered mode for real-time access to CRM data or non-tethered mode
  • Deploy different sync configurations for different teams
  • Sync only the freshest and most relevant CRM data
  • Instantly view the information you need, when you need it and take actions right from your inbox


Email Side-Panel

  • Instantly view pertinent CRM data upon receiving emails from customers
  • View, update or create CRM records: opportunities, cases, meetings, tasks etc.
  • Archive emails by dragging and dropping to any record on side-panel
  • Create a quick note for any CRM record on side-panel
  • View history of all CRM activities
  • Create contact, lead or account from the email
  • Switch between multiple email recipients
  • Snooze emails to convert them to CRM action items


Email Archiving

  • Manual and automatic rule-based archiving
  • Individual emails or complete email conversation threads
  • Drag & drop or advanced archive to multiple CRM records
  • Powerful rule-based email archiving engine
  • System automatically suggests related CRM records to archive to


Rule-Based Email Archiving Engine

  • Create rules to process inbound and outbound emails and perform actions:
  • Archive emails to CRM
  • Convert emails into CRM action items
  • Rules based on: contacts, leads, accounts, email addresses, words/phrases, or email conversations
  • Automatically archive to related CRM records
  • Create rules to automatically convert emails from contacts or leads into action items
  • Automatically create new cases from emails, and archive emails to cases and opportunities' records
  • Destination records can be determined at run-time based on the specific emails or specified in the rule.
  • Shortcuts to create rules based on selected messages


Email Templates and Mail Merge

  • Enforce unified email templates across teams
  • Utilize CRM Email templates directly from Outlook when composing / replying to customer's emails
  • Merge CRM data directly with templates
  • Automatically populates CRM data based on email recipients
  • File attachments automatically attached from CRM
  • Verify merged email before sending


CRM Action Items

  • Convert your customers' emails into action items
  • Never forget to respond to a customer's email again
  • Increase productivity by streamlining the process of responding to customers' emails.
  • Organize, prioritize and track responses to emails
  • Automate the process by setting rules
  • Stay on top of important customer interactions by using 'My Radar’
  • Create your own custom action items lists, e.g.: web site leads, requests for quotes, support emails etc.


Centralized Administration and Configuration

  • Single Sign On Using SAML and LDAP
  • All settings can be configured and managed centrally by admin and published separately for each team
  • Dynamic re-configuration as needs change
  • Enforce corporate security policies by configuring which CRM modules can be created / modified via Outlook (in addition to native CRM permissions)
  • Manage users' FrontEnd licenses
  • Silent network installations of FrontEnd client


Archive Documents directly from within Word, Excel & Acrobat

  • Archive proposals, quotes, contracts and other Office and PDF documents to your CRM right from within Word, Excel and Acrobat.
  • No need to upload documents. Simply select the CRM record to associate with and save. We'll take care of the rest.
  • Archive any desktop document to your CRM simply by selecting "Send To Implicit FrontEnd"
  • Search and retrieve CRM documents from within Word/Excel


Web Browsers Integration - Access Outlook Functionality from your Web Browser

  • As you work with your CRM via the Web Browser - utilize Outlook to send emails, open and reply to archived emails via Outlook etc.
  • Send meeting invites via Outlook - Utilize Outlook's powerful calendaring functionality - check availability of colleagues, schedule conference rooms etc.
  • Select CRM records to automatically sync and open in Outlook
  • Single click to switch between viewing records in Outlook and Web browser and vice versa


Full Offline Support

  • Offline access to all CRM data that was previously synced with Outlook
  • Interact with CRM data exactly as you interact with Outlook in offline mode.
  • View, update or create accounts, opportunities, cases, leads etc.
  • Archive incoming emails or send emails and have them automatically queued for CRM archival upon re-connecting
  • All changes are cached locally on your desktop and will be automatically synced upon re-connecting


Supported Platforms

Windows: Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, Office 365