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Implicit FrontEnd 6 is a collection of CRM productivity tools for Outlook that enables you to do all your CRM work from Outlook. Sync all CRM data including accounts, opportunities, contacts, calendars etc. as well as your custom modules and fields. Use the collaboration and approval tools to capture internal email discussions and approval requests. Leverage the power of Microsoft 365 and Outlook to automate email archiving and mail merge to automate creation and sending of quotes and invoices. Track Opportunities and manage your sales team CRM activities using the Actionable Emails tool.

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CRM Data Sync Tool

Sync all CRM data to Outlook and do all CRM work from Outlook

  • Sync accounts, opportunities, quotes, cases etc.
  • Sync Outlook native items: contacts, calendars, tasks
  • Sync your custom CRM modules and fields
  • Sync only the freshest and most relevant CRM data
  • Sync CRM records assigned to you or to your team / security group
  • Choose between ‘Tethered’ (online) mode or ‘Non-Tethered” mode where data is synced and cached on the desktop


Collaboration Tool

Collaborate with your colleagues via Outlook and capture important internal email discussions

Prior to sending a quote or an invoice to a customer, you often need to gather information from your colleagues, sales manager or other departments e.g.: shipping or finance. These email discussions contain important information that should become part of the CRM record for future reference or audit trail purposes. The collaboration tool allows you to initiate an internal email session where all emails that are sent by any participant in the conversation, are captured and organized as a collaboration log inside the related CRM record. The log is presented inside FrontEnd as well as in the CRM record.

Approval Tool

Request approval via Outlook, capture correspondence and generate approval log

Often, you need to obtain your sales manager’s approval before taking an action such as offering a discount or sending a quote to a customer. The approval tool allows you to request approval via Outlook, capture all email correspondence with your sales manager or designated approvers, and generate an approval log inside the related CRM record. The approval log is presented inside FrontEnd as well as in the CRM record. It includes a detailed log of the email conversation, including when and by whom the request was approved or declined.

The approval process is seamlessly integrated into Outlook such that from users’ perspective, they are simply using Outlook to communicate.


Email Integration & Automation Tool

Leverage the power of Outlook to automate email and documents creation and archiving

FrontEnd provides a wide variety of methods to archive email from Outlook to the CRM ranging from manual archiving of emails, complete email conversations to a high-end auto archiving engine that allows you to define your own custom rules. Email archiving rules can be defined at the corporate level and at the individual user level.

Save time by automating creation of CRM documents directly as email attachments in Outlook. It also allows you to standardize outbound emails by allowing users to select from CRM templates.


Opportunity Tracking Tool

Track opportunities and capture customers’ emails directly into their related records

Track and capture your email correspondence with your customers related to opportunities. The tracking tool allows you to automatically identify the opportunity for a specific email, archive the email to the opportunity record and present information relevant to that opportunity to assist you in quickly identifying the CRM context for each email.


Actionable Emails Tool

Convert your customers’ emails into a prioritized list of daily CRM action items

For many salespeople, the majority of their CRM work is triggered by emails from customers and prospects. The sheer volume of daily emails makes it a challenge to manage all the activities that originate from these customers’ emails.

The Actionable Emails tool creates a new type of CRM activity called “Actionable Email”. It allows you to queue up those customers’ emails that require you to take actions such as preparing and sending quotes. You can then prioritize them in the context of their related CRM accounts/opportunities and track their progress until they are done. It helps you manage your time and ensure that no customers’ emails fall between the cracks.


Sales Manager's Tool

Track & manage your sales team’s activities, adjust priorities and re-assign to other members when needed

Keep track of your sales team activities and the actions they take in response to customers emails. You can intervene, when necessary to adjust their priorities or re-assign actions to other team members. Generate reports with valuable insight into your sales team performance & responsiveness


CRM Admin's Tools

Simplify deployment and shorten training time, by centrally creating and publishing configurations for your users

  • Centralized installation via silent network installation using tools such as Active Directory Group Policy
  • Incorporate Implicit FrontEnd into your IT infrastructure by implementing Single Sign On (SSO) using SAML authentication
  • An admin configuration tool allows you to centrally create and publish FrontEnd configurations for your user teams / security groups
  • Design custom forms in Outlook to match your corporate custom CRM modules and publish to all users
  • Configure FrontEnd side-panel appearance for your user groups: select modules, order of appearance and the CRM fields should be displayed for each module


Fully Customizable

Customize FrontEnd to match your SugarCRM customizations including custom modules / fields, side-panel and group-based configurations

  • Configure FrontEnd to sync your custom modules and fields to Outlook
  • Customize FrontEnd to show only the modules required for each security group
  • Fully customize the side-panel to show the CRM modules and fields of interest
  • Manage customizations centrally per security group or allow individual users to customize their own settings


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What our clients say, matters the most:

check"It is an enormous time-saver to be able to operate solely within Outlook without having to constantly switch back and forth between programs. The seamless integration that Implicit FrontEnd provides is irreplaceable." - Kyle Perrin, Sales Manager, Romtec

check"Implicit enables us to function almost as if our SugarCRM and Outlook are one system. It has made an immediate impact on our productivity and efficiency.“ - Alan Mock, Manager Recordkeeping Services, Envoy Financial

check"Implicit has provided tremendous improvements in efficiency." - Patrick O’Hara, Vice President of Sales, Molecular Vista

check"It’s easy for me to recognize a FIRST-CLASS product. This is certainly of that caliber. Everything about it is top rated. Keep up the awesome work!" - Jim Kramer, IT Manager, ITA Audio Visual Solutions

Supported Platforms

Windows: Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, Office 365

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