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Are complicated price structures slowing down sales? Sugar Integrate for DealHub supercharges your sales team quoting capabilities and delivers high quality proposals to your customers directly within the virtual DealRooms.

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Sugar Integrate for DealHub

Accelerate Your Closing Process with Modern CPQ

To succeed in today’s fast paced world, your company needs a high-definition and no friction customer experience. With Sugar Integrate for DealHub, you can have a seamless experience for your sales team, their managers and most importantly your customers.

Sugar Integrate for DealHub provides your sellers with advanced quoting capabilities and a smooth CPQ (Configure Price Quote) experience, by guiding sales teams through an intuitive answer-based quoting engine. Syncing information between Sugar and DealHub guarantees that the customer data is always up-to-date, and accurate sales information provides high-fidelity forecasts.

DealHub provides the ability to share the proposal information directly with the customer through a virtual DealRoom, allowing the customers to close your deals directly from within the DealRoom.

Key Capabilities

Provides seamless quoting and proposal publishing capabilities by synchronizing across Sugar and DealHub contacts, accounts, opportunities, quotes, products and user information.

See here for DealHub video demo and screenshots.

With Sugar Integrate

  • Streamline, simplify and shorten the sales cycle, by ensuring quick customers response time
  • Improve sales accuracy with guided question/answer based quoting
  • Generate high quality proposals that get noticed by decision-makers
  • Provide customers with pricing information in conjunction with your brand message in a single platform, eliminating time-consuming administrative tasks
  • Reduce CRM noise, by letting the sales rep decide when to finalize and sync a quote and opportunity back to Sugar
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