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Save Your Team Countless Hours. SugarChimp syncs your lists in both directions so that you can work in your preferred application. Segment and Group your MailChimp subscribers based on SugarCRM data so you can market to the right people at the right time. Fully compatible with all versions and editions of Sugar and SuiteCRM.

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Need a better Email Marketing tool for SugarCRM and SuiteCRM?

MailChimp helps you email the right people at the right time. Send automated emails based on customer behavior and preferences. Get started with pre-built Workflows or use our built-in segmentation and targeting options to build custom rules. And get in-depth reporting on how each of your automated series is performing. Our tools help you learn more about your customers and send them timely, relevant content.

In addition to the reports that come with every account, MailChimp offers plenty of advanced reporting options that you can access from anywhere.

MailChimp's advanced features are free and easy to use. We can help you determine the best time to send a campaign, and quickly test subject lines before you send. You can even automatically send your campaigns at the same time in different time zones with the click of a button.

Get More Value out of Sugar by Integrating with MailChimp

Your company spend a lot of time and money on SugarCRM and making sure your CRM data is as high-quality, clean and accurate as possible. SugarChimp gives you the ability to get more out of Sugar by effortlessly syncing your data between the two systems.

Spend Just 5 Minutes Installing & Save Your Team Countless Hours

SugarChimp automatically syncs your data between Sugar and MailChimp so that you never have to worry about it. MailChimp will always have the most up-to-date information, so you can be confident when you send the next campaign that you have the latest and greatest data.

If you already use MailChimp and Sugar, you know how much time is spent simply keeping your data up-to-date. You are constantly having to manually move data between the systems. It goes something like this: export data from Sugar, import data into MailChimp, send your campaign from MailChimp, export results from MailChimp, import results into Sugar. This wastes hours of your team's time. SugarChimp eliminates this problem completely.

Enable Your Marketing Team in MailChimp & Enable Your Sales Team in Sugar

SugarChimp works by using each tool for what they do best. Your marketing team needs a top-notch email marketing system like MailChimp to reach new and existing customers, and your sales team needs Sugar to manage their leads and customers through the sales lifecycle.

SugarChimp puts the Sugar data in MailChimp for the marketing team to use as-needed and the MailChimp campaign results back in Sugar for the Sales team to know how to contact next.

Visualize MailChimp Activity Data from directly with Sugar

Keep your sales and support team in the know with the Subscriber Activity Dashlet. When viewing your Sugar Contacts, Leads and Targets, you can see exactly how they are interacting with your campaigns. What email campaigns have they received? Which did the open? What links did they click on?

Next time a salesperson is on the phone with a customer, they will be able to see that customer’s activity. Maybe they clicked through on the latest sales campaign about a new product. Your salesperson can ask about it and start to close the deal.

MailChimp Activity

Using the Campaign Summary Dashlet, you are also able to see at a high level how your campaigns are performing without leaving Sugar. This is really handy for those marketing managers who do not need access to MailChimp, but still want to oversee how effective email campaigns are.

MailChimp Campaign Report 1
MailChimp Campaign Report 2
MailChimp Campaign Report 3

We Sync all Sugar and MailChimp Fields & Groups

You need more than a simple email sync. You've got real work to do! SugarChimp provides you the ability to segment and group your MailChimp subscribers based on SugarCRM data. This allows you to market to exactly the right people at the exact right time. Using our Field Mapping tool, you can decide exactly which of your SugarCRM Contact/Target/Lead/Account fields you want to sync with your MailChimp Subscriber Fields and Groups.

Create Advanced Sugar Reports on MailChimp Activity Data

MailChimp Activity information is automatically synced into a SugarChimp Activities module that is included in SugarChimp Professional. All of your MailChimp historical and future email campaign activity data can be reported on using Sugar Reports. This is the easiest way to report on MailChimp activity data with your CRM data (such as revenue, customer products, other non-email campaigns, etc.) in a single report.

Score Your Sugar Leads using the MailChimp Star Rating Field

Using MailChimp’s Star Rating Field, you can easily identify highly-engaged Sugar Leads. These are the Leads you need to make sure your Sales Team and Customer Success Teams are paying close attention to. Leads who open your campaigns and click links the most are the most engaged and interested in what you have to offer. SugarChimp helps you identify these people so you can make sure they are being properly nurtured.

The MailChimp Star Rating Field can be filtered on using the new Sugar 7 List View Filtering Tools, added to custom dashlets, or reported on by creating Sugar Reports.

Protects Your System from Duplicate Data

Unlike other integrations, SugarChimp ensures duplicate subscribers are never added to MailChimp. New subscribers from MailChimp can be automatically added to Sugar as well, but we’ll never create a duplicate record if one already exists.

We’re here to make sure you are successful.

We pride ourselves on going above-and-beyond for our customers. We can’t be successful if you don’t have a great experience with our product. We provide email and customer portal support to all of our customers and usually respond in just a few minutes during working hours.

Don’t take our word for it, hear what our customers have to say.

SugarChimp 5 star rating

"SugarChimp is exactly what we needed, it syncs nicely between MailChimp and Sugar. The added MailChimp dashlet is very sophisticated, it’s nice to have that quick-view window when conversing with the customer. Big shout out Chad Hutchins, not only did he help out with the synchronization and work flow between systems, he gave excellent insight and provided helpful tips all around. Works great – thank you!"

SugarChimp 5 star rating

"SugarChimp does a great job of syncing all of our registrant information between Sugar CRM and MailChimp. We have a large number of custom fields that weren't mapping properly, and they helped get everything set up and working smoothly. They go the extra mile with one-on-one support!"

SugarChimp 5 star rating

"We do a lot of highly-segmented outbound marketing and SugarChimp is exactly what we needed. The list and field syncing are great, and it allows us to do more sophisticated campaigns that exactly target certain Lead profiles in Sugar. The SugarChimp team is also really great, and they are totally committed to our success."

A Wizard Installer So Easy....A Caveman Could Do It?

SugarChimp includes a step-by-step process to walk you through the setup process. After installing the module using Sugar’s module loader, it’s a quick 4 step process to start saving your team time and automatically syncing lists.

SugarChimp Health Status

We Support All Modern SugarCRM and SuiteCRM Editions, Versions and Hosting Providers

If you use Sugar or SuiteCRM, SugarChimp will be compatible with your system if you are on Sugar 6.5.x, 6.7.x, 7.x and SuiteCRM 7.x. Our most common customers are running Sugar 7.5 using Sugar’s On-demand platform. We provide a consistent experience across all of these setups.

Need additional help?

We've helped hundreds of companies just like yours and found that everyone needs a little extra help sometimes. We offer a personalized two-hour training package for companies who want an additional hand with MailChimp and SugarChimp Training and Setup. The cost is $499 and it is an online training you can invite anyone from your team to.

  • How to use MailChimp (create lists, create/send campaigns, segmenting, reporting)
  • How to use Sugar/SugarChimp (setup/installation, sync lists, review dashlets, field mapping)
  • Setup your initial lists and field mapping for you
  • Answer any questions you have along the way

Sign up for MailChimp and SugarChimp Training and Setup

Whew, that was a lot. What questions do you have?

Shoot us an email at or use the “ask a question” button at the top of the page. We’re looking forward to answering any questions you have about MailChimp, SugarChimp and how your company can get the most out of MailChimp and Sugar.

Create a free MailChimp account today, then start a free SugarChimp trial to integrate your systems with ease.


Sync Lists and Activities
  • Activity Data Pushed to Sugar
  • Lead Scoring
  • Report on Campaign Activity
  • See Campaign Activity
  • Manage Lists
  • Sync Custom Fields
  • See Recent Subscriber Activity
  • Outstanding Support


Sync Lists
  • Activity Data Pushed to Sugar
  • Lead Scoring
  • Report on Campaign Activity
  • See Campaign Activity
  • Manage Lists
  • Sync Custom Fields
  • See Recent Subscriber Activity
  • Outstanding Support

Summary of Features

  • Solves time wasted manually exporting/importing subscribers on every campaign run [Basic, Pro]
  • Bi-directional, always-on integration that syncs target lists in both directions. [Basic, Pro]
  • Syncs All MailChimp List Fields and SugarCRM Contact/Account/Target/Lead Fields [Basic, Pro]
  • Special support to seamlessly sync MailChimp Dropdown & Radio fields to SugarCRM Dropdowns [Basic, Pro]
  • Can manage lists in either SugarCRM or MailChimp [Basic, Pro]
  • Excellent onboarding wizard that gets you set up and running in minutes
  • Supports subscriber opt-out preferences [Basic, Pro]
  • Keeps your data clean. Prevents duplicate subscribers. [Basic, Pro]
  • Re-architected to be massively scalable and efficient [Basic, Pro]
  • Outstanding support built right in [Basic, Pro]
  • See recent subscriber activity from any Contact, Account, Lead, or Target in SugarCRM [Basic, Pro]
  • View Campaign Summary Reports from within SugarCRM [Basic, Pro]
  • Sync MailChimp Activity Records into SugarCRM for full reporting and workflow integration [Pro]
  • Import MailChimp Rating Field to be used in Sugar for Lead Scoring [Pro]
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  • "SugarChimp is exactly what we needed, it syncs nicely between MailChimp and Sugar. The added MailChimp dashlet is very sophisticated. Works great – thank you!"

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