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Best SugarCRM Mobile App Enable your teams to access real-time CRM data on the go with SugarCRM mobile app. TapCRM, created for SugarCRM, comes with exclusive features like Live Tracking. Get an overview of your business life cycle with conversion rates, sales performance, and monthly outcomes.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#4577 SugarCRM Latest Editions - Are you planning on making this stable to the latest editions of SugarCRM, for example Sugar 11? Closed Bug?
#4524 Won't install - Installation failed! The package you are attempting to install does not conform to the policies e cbassett Closed Bug?
#4503 The server encountered an unexpected error - Using this against sugar CE Version 6.5.26 (Build 378) Getting this error on the app when i try davidbass Closed Bug?
#4490 We need licenses for release 6.2.6 it is posible? - Thaks for your answer mauriciofajardo Closed General Question
#4371 Authentication Token invalid - Hi, Got the mobile App up and running, get an issue though when trying to save data. I keep gett mhoffmann Closed Bug?
#4222 Does not work for me, using QuickCRM - Using QuickCRM markyelen71 Closed General Question
#3953 Validation step hanging - Hi, We are just trying to validate the license key, it says validating without any eroor but we mhoffmann Closed Bug?
#3798 Sugar8 compatbility? - Please, is this app compatible with SugarCRM 8? Thanks! hkirgis Closed General Question