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Best SugarCRM Mobile App
Enable your teams to access real-time CRM data on the go with SugarCRM mobile app. TapCRM, created for SugarCRM, comes with exclusive features like Live Tracking. Get an overview of your business life cycle with conversion rates, sales performance, and monthly outcomes. - Need to change the TapCRM description on sugaroutfitters.

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Native CRM Mobile App for SugarCRM

TapCRM is a dedicated CRM mobile app for SugarCRM users. It lets you access your CRM in a secure manner while bringing several app-exclusive features like offline data sync, custom modules & field support, check-in & check-out, mobile access of CRM functionalities like adding leads, updating records or target lists, etc. You can download SugarCRM Android App and SugarCRM iOS app from respective Mobile App Stores, too.

Why Go for TapCRM?

  • TapCRM is the best way to have a mobile CRM app for your Sugar CRM system. Just download the plugin as well as the mobile app and connect the two.
  • As TapCRM is a native app, we have optimized it for better user experience on iOS and Android. No need to compromise user experience with other hybrid apps.
  • You can also determine the modules you want your employees to access along with their layouts.
  • Once your CRM is on your mobile, it is possible for you to import all your phone contacts into your CRM.
  • Make the most out of the benefits of mobile CRM
  • You get to enjoy all the usual benefits of mobile CRM like 24X7 customer engagement, anytime anywhere data update, increased CRM adoption amongst employees, etc.

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Feature Highlights

  • Check-in, Check Out

    of meetings, tasks, calls, and appointments.

  • Offline Support & Auto Sync

    to keep your data up-to-date.

  • Customizable Mobile Layout

    for easy access of important data.

  • Custom Modules & Fields Support

    to make use of necessary data on the go.

  • Nearby Records

    for smart time and task management.

  • Multi-language Support

    for catering to global audiences.

  • Get Alerts & Notification

    regarding all your tasks, call appointments, etc.

  • Add SMS logs

    to contacts, leads, or accounts for better status visibility.

  • Add Multiple Attachments

    like voice notes, docs, etc. in CRM records.

  • Add Call logs

    to CRM records with the necessary details as notes.

  • Business Card Scanner

    to add contact details on the spot from mobile.

Exclusive Feature

  • Live Tracking

Points To Note

  • Business Card Scanner is a Third-Party Application (ABBYY) integrated in TapCRM. You must register yourself in ABBYY to use this functionality.
  • Call Logging feature is only for Android Devices.
  • Supports Employees, Projects, Product Line Items (SuiteCRM/Sugar 7), Revenue Line Items Support (Sugar 7).

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