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Create and convert document files inside Sugar. Add unlimited number of document templates that your users can use to create document files filled with data from Sugar. Single tool for document creation and conversion needs.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#4575 Creating documents from reports or from target lists ? - Hi, Is it possible to generate documents for multiple contacts from report results or from a tar mhoffmann Open General Question
#4417 Version 7 compatibility - Hi, do you have a version compatible with "SugarCRM Enterprise, Version", quotes module. luke.goldsmith Closed General Question
#4312 License Configuration Not Working? - Hi, After installing the Document Creator, went to Document Creator License Configuration to add/ ATC_Support Closed Installation
#4207 Does this work on community 6.5? - Does this work on community 6.5? shaveekapoor Closed General Question
#4175 Word documents not creating - only can see code - Hi currently we are at the end of out trial and the word document doesnt produce a doc. The PDF an sybarra Closed Feature
#4173 User licensing - Hi, regarding your user licensing model, does it mean you charge every SugarCRM active user, or we c Vincent Closed General Question
#3888 Update Sugar 8.1.0 - Document Creator Update? - Hello, we want to update our Suger Prof. Version to 8.1.0 but it flags the Document Creator red. invoice Closed Bug?
#3443 Document Creator Community Edition - I am not able to install it on community edition 6.5.23 please let me know how can i install it on c joshinc2003 Closed Installation
#2251 Installing module - Hi Team, i am getting the following error.. please help :) Display Log Installing administrat chanelreb Closed Installation
#752 Sugar7.2 support - Hi. Is there a plan for SugarCRM 7.2 support? regards Robert lehnerr Closed General Question