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#4173 - User licensing

Closed General Question created by Vincent a year ago

Hi, regarding your user licensing model, does it mean you charge every SugarCRM active user, or we can assign only certain users to have access to your Document creator?

  1. eontek member avatar

    38 Elements Provider Affiliate

    a year ago

    Hi Vincent,

    Thank you for being interested in our Document Creator add-on.

    Our licensing model is designed so that when purchasing license you choose how many you need by deciding how many users should be able to access Document Creator.
    Example: If you need 5 people to access this module in order to use it, then you will need to purchase license for 5 users. When validating license in Sugar you will need to pick 5 different users that you want to be able to use the add-on.
    At the end you don't have to purchase license for every activate user in you Sugar, you only need it for the ones that you want to use the module.

    If there are any other questions please let us know.


  2. Vincent member avatar


    10 months ago

    Hi, it seems this has now changed to be Unlimited Users for $13 per month, correct?
    Also, can you confirm if it works well with the Quotes module and create Quotes with background images please?

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