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Create and convert document files inside Sugar. Add unlimited number of document templates that your users can use to create document files filled with data from Sugar. Single tool for document creation and conversion needs.

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#2251 - Installing module

Closed Installation created by chanelreb 6 years ago

Hi Team,

i am getting the following error.. please help :)

Display Log Installing administration extension Installing Language Packs Rebuilding Language...en_us Installing layoutdefs extension Installing vardefs extension Rebuilding ActionViewMap... Rebuilding ActionFileMap... Rebuilding ActionReMap... Rebuilding Administration... Rebuilding EntryPointRegistry... Rebuilding Extensions... Rebuilding FileAccessControlMap... Rebuilding Layoutdefs... Rebuilding GlobalLinks... Rebuilding LogicHooks... Rebuilding Menus... Rebuilding Include... Rebuilding ScheduledTasks... Rebuilding UserPage... Rebuilding Utils... Rebuilding Vardefs... Rebuilding JSGroupings... Installing Relationships Rebuilding Vardefs... Rebuilding Layoutdefs... Installing Bean : ATC_TempRelate Database failure. Please refer to sugarcrm.log for details.

  1. eontek member avatar

    38 Elements Provider Affiliate

    5 years ago

    Hi there,

    i just wanted to let you know that Eontek team has acquired older module and it has been rebranded to Document Creator. With that being said multiple issues have been resolved in the module as well as added support for Sugar on-demand.

    I am sorry that you have not received an answer to your support question earlier but rest assured if you decide to try the module again, we are here to help!


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