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Knock down the barriers between your Sales and Service/Support teams with Sugar Integrate for Zendesk. Save time and focus on productive customer data analysis that leads to happy customers. This integration allows Sugar users to monitor overall customer satisfaction and account health by synchronizing Zendesk tickets with Sugar Accounts and Contacts.

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Customer Satisfaction Efforts Combined

The Zendesk to Sugar integration enables the synchronization of Accounts (Organizations), Contacts (End-Users), Tickets and Satisfaction Ratings information between the two systems. With the Zendesk service data available in Sugar extended Reports can be created with better visibility to the account history.

Key Integration Features

  • New and modified Accounts are synced from SugarCRM to Zendesk Organizations based on Account name
  • New End-Users are synced from Zendesk to Sugar based on the primary email address
  • New and modified Tickets and Satisfaction Ratings are synced from Zendesk to Sugar
  • Contacts, Tickets and Satisfaction Ratings are configurable and can be enabled or disabled

Solution Benefits

  • Eliminates lost tickets between service and sales
  • Ensures sales and service teams see all the service end-users
  • Provides actual ticket status from service to sales
  • Enables measurement of service activities and customer satisfaction

Integration Capabilities

  • Accounts sync one way from Sugar to Zendesk Organizations
  • End-Users sync one way from Zendesk to Sugar TicketsSugar Account must be synced in Zendesk for their Contacts to sync into Sugar
  • Tickets sync one way from Zendesk for synced Contacts to Sugar Tickets Configurable option
  • Zendesk Satisfaction Ratings sync one-way from Zendesk to Sugar Satisfaction-Ratings Configurable option
  • Sync between the systems runs every 15 min (changeable default setting) detecting changes
  • A webhook allows to sync immediately after creation from Zendesk to Sugar
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