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SugarCRM Survey Plugin With Survey Rocket, a SugarCRM survey plugin, you can build surveys that trigger automatically to get real-time feedback from customers. It gives custom survey templates, online polls and more. Moreover, you can use the CRM data using inward and outward piping mechanism.

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#2230 - Error on Survey record preview

Closed Bug? created by bbuyukcelen 6 years ago

Hi there,

I encountered an issue on the preview of survey record i created. I was able to create the survey template followed by survey then i tried clicking the preview button and it shows an error. Please see attached file. I am using sugarcrm Enterprise 7.6 version

Best Regards!

  1. bbuyukcelen member avatar


    6 years ago


    In addittion: I can only send the survey by record view. Clicking the link on the email received doesn't also work. Can't send the survey email via list view/bulk. Please fix we're trying out this integration so we can add it to our crm.


  2. bbuyukcelen member avatar


    6 years ago


    I would like to follow regarding the issue encountered. Thank you.

    Best Regards

  3. Biztech member avatar

    AppJetty Provider Affiliate

    6 years ago

    Hello Basak Buyukcelen,

    We have check in detail with your mentioned issue with same sugarcrm version. But we can't regenerate such type of issue. Can you please check few thing from your side ? 1) Is cron job set for your instance? To send Survey in bulk we are using the schedular job. so cron job should be active on your instance. 2) Check the file permission of your instance. for the custom directory it should be 775 recursive. 3) For the Survey Submission and the Survey preview we are using the site url that are mentioned in config.php file. Your $config['site_url'] must be same as your instance url.

    Please do changes as per the above point. and try to recheck.

    Thanks & regards,

  4. bbuyukcelen member avatar


    6 years ago


    Thank you for the feedback. I will try your suggestions and give you an update.


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