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#3950 - Verizon Gateway Configuration

Open Installation created by pgh1977 3 years ago

Hey Developers!

I am trying to configure an SMS gateway using my Verizon mobile account. I've been trying to piece it together using the info from the following link but thought I'd reach out for a quick solution from the pros:

Thanks in advance! Pete

  1. viznet member avatar

    viznet Provider

    3 years ago

    Hi Pete We do not at present support ThingSpace SMS API Gateway. However we would be inetrested to include this to our add-on. Have you already registered with them and do you have your credetntials and long code ?

    If you would be intrested, please contact us directly on

    Thanks -viznet team

    • pgh1977 member avatar


      3 years ago

      I have not registered with them and am really just looking for a recommendation on a fairly priced gateway where I can use my Verizon mobile account.

      Thank you, Pete

  2. viznet member avatar

    viznet Provider

    3 years ago

    We reccommend Plivo, as they are reliable and have good rates. Your Verizon mobile number doesn't really matter, as from sugarCRM (or suiteCRM) you will be sending via SMS gateway and not via your number. Actually you dont need any mobile number to send SMSesm from SugarCRM via SMS Gateway. You just need to register account with one of them. You will eventually need to buy number from Gateway provider if you will want to receive responses - but that's another story.


  3. pgh1977 member avatar


    3 years ago

    Alright, I've gotten it to test fire!!

    Will you please shoot me a link on setting up sms as an alert in a leads module workflow and campaign module? I should be good to go once I get that working....

    • viznet member avatar

      viznet Provider

      3 years ago

      Hi, You can send sms from Leads or Contacts modules only, You should find a link in the Edit dropdown at the record detail page or in the actions dropdown on the List view page. You should find all this information in the user manual as well.

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