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Do you need to send SMS messages from SugarCRM? SendSMS is the right tool for you. It allows sending SMS with ease to any Contact or Lead or even to many recipients at one time from the List View. SendSMS supports Callfire, Clikatell and Plivo SMS Gateways as well as any custom configuration. Communicate better and faster and improve your marketing efforts with SendSMS.

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SendSMS is an SMS messaging addon module for SugarCRM and SuiteCRM. It supports three messaging services: Callfire, Clikatell and Plivo. It allows sending SMS messages to any Contact or Lead or to many recipients one time from List View. SendSMS works with all versions of SugarCRM.

SendSMS List View

SendSMS Features

  • Send single SMS to Contact or Lead from record view
  • Send group SMSes to many recipients directly from record list
  • Allows quick and easy configuration of three supported SMS Gateways: Callfire, Clikatell and Plivo
  • Supports any custom SMS Gateway HTTP API based configuration
  • Sent messages can be saved as Note for each recipient

SendSMS Sending

SMS Responses

  • Receiving SMS responses is not supported by default. It can be implemented as an additional feature, upon interest. Please contact our supprt for further details.