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iNetSudo for SugarCRM 8.0+, 9.0+, and 10.0+ allows SugarCRM Administrators to easily change to a different user without knowing their password, enabling them to configure and test any user's experience.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#4356 iNetSudo does not seem to work with SugarIdentity update - Since we have updated SugarCRM to use Sugar Identity for secure login, iNetSudo has stopped working. tlemotte Closed Bug?
#4190 iNet not showing same view as User - I've had two separate instances where a user was experiencing an error and viewing the user's accoun tlemotte Closed Bug?
#3856 No configuration possible, No drop down of actions in the user - Hi, I'm trying to get your tool up and running. I also changed the proxy before installation. I can schweitzer Closed Installation
#3661 Update to 8.0 - The latest install package we have is not compatible with 8.0. Could you please provide an update p ckorson Closed Installation
#3609 Install of paid version - We've installed the paid version in PROD but it is not working thru our proxy and firewall. See pic bconlin Closed Installation
#3535 proxy - Hi. Here is some feedback from my tech guys for a potential enhancement for Sugar on-prem installs. bconlin Closed Feature
#3516 Not working in production - Hello. We installed this into our Dev and UAT on demand environment this past Friday. Did all th Pamela Closed Bug?
#3514 Test vs. Prod - Can this be installed in our TEST and PROD environments simultaneously, or is the license used up by bconlin Closed Installation

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