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Increase your Sales instantly by using Sales Data Visualizer. RT SalesMap gives you a clean, transparent, and uncomplicated visual representation of your Accounts, Leads, and Contacts using Google’s powerful web browser mapping software right on your Sugar instance.

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Will this work with Sugar's On-Demand service?
Yes, this will work whether you install it on your own servers or if you use Sugar's On-Demand hosting.

Can I see for my Opportunities Module as a map-able Module in SalesMap?
No, Current Version of Sales Map works for following Modules only:
* Accounts
* Leads
* Contacts

How do I make sure that my Non-Geo Coded Records are converted into Geo Coded?
After successful installation of SalesMap Plugin, you need to perform the following steps to make sure that your Non-Geo Coded Records are converted into Geo Coded.
1- Go under 'Admin' of your Sugar Instance
2- Click on 'Scheduler' option, it will open all schedulers list running into sugar.
3- Click on "Generate Lat and Long" Scheduler and check "Last Successful Run" value, this value's date/time must be near to current Date/Time.
4- Scroll down and check "Job Log", this must be running on regular intervals, without any gap.
5- Now go under Sales Map Module and View Map.
6- Enter any Record's Address into Postal Address field and 'Refresh', it will load pins for Geo Coded Records.

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No locations are showing up on SalesMap. What should I do now?
Try the above answer first. If that doesn't seem to help then it is just a matter of time. There is a 1,000 record per day limit of translating addresses to geocode locations. If you absolutely need more then please contact us.

Is RT SalesMap compatible with SuiteCRM?
Yes! To keep up with the in-demand SuiteCRM market, we have worked on making our plugins compatible with SuiteCRM. RT SalesMap is compatible with all versions of SuiteCRM. (Note: RT SalesMap's Sugar 6 package can be used for your SuiteCRM Instance.)

  1. ryan.zemmer member avatar


    5 years ago

    I have tried to download the 7.2 version. I have Sugar crm professional 7.2. When I try to save the settings, the screen goes black and shows a white circle like its processing. It has been sitting there for hours...

    • rolustech member avatar

      Rolustech Provider Affiliate

      5 years ago

      Hi Katherine,

      We will investigate the problem for you.Can you please share with us your Sugar CRM Credentials on in reference of this conversation.
      We shall help you!

      Rolustech Support

  2. ryan.zemmer member avatar


    5 years ago

    I refreshed and tried it again and have the same issue.

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