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Sugar 6 - Installation Guide

General Information

RT GSync is an award winning plugin proposed as an ultimate data syncing solution between Sugar and Google services. Within the domain of Google services, RT GSync caters the Google Calendar, Google Contacts, Google Emails (Gmail), and Google Drive (GDrive), offering two-way and priority based data synchronization. The installation steps for RT GSync are very similar between the On-Demand and On-Site Sugar.

Sugar Versions/Editions

1) RT GSync is compatible with the following Sugar editions:

  • Community
  • Professional
  • Corporate
  • Enterprise
  • Ultimate

2) Following are the Supported Versions:

  • 6.5.7 to up to latest version


Following points must be followed before starting RT GSync installation.
1) You should login as an Administrator in Sugar.
2) Check that your Sugar Instance is compatible for RT GSync.
3) You must have a valid License Key.
4) If you are installing RT GSync patch then do not uninstall the existing RT GSync package from your Sugar Instance.
5) If you are installing Full version of RT GSync then make sure there should not be any older version already installed on Sugar. If there is any then see the Uninstall section of this document.
6) Check your Sugar instance is compatible for RT GSync.
7) You must have a Gmail account to use RT GSync plugin.
8) Popups must be allowed on your browser.
9) Cron Job must be setup on your Sugar instance to sync the data.
10) Your browsers must be compatible with Sugar’s compatible browsers list.


Below are the instructions to install the package on Sugar:
1) On the Administration page, click on “Module Loader” to install the package.

enter image description here

2) Click the 'Browse...' button under Module Loader Screen and select the .zip file you downloaded in Step 1.

enter image description here

3) Click the "Upload" button to transfer the .zip file to your Sugar server.
4) Click the "Install" button next to the newly uploaded RT GSync module
5) Step through the installation wizard. Gmail, Contact and Calendar synchronization should be enabled immediately.


1) After the package installation, it will navigate you directly to the license validation page in your Sugar. Validate your license by pressing the “Validate” button.

enter image description here

2) After validating press it will navigate you to the "RT GSync Users Configuration" module to move Users from disabled to enabled users list.

enter image description here
3) Now Go under Admin Settings Screen and Click on "Quick Repair & Rebuild" link. You will possibly have to do this 2x's.
enter image description here

4) If requested, execute generated SQL (Note: this is found at the bottom of the results page from previous step #10 and should only be required during initial installation)
5) Now go back to Admin Settings Screen and click on "RT GSync Users Configuration" to enable or disable which users should be able to use Gmail. Note: If your selected users goes above your "Licensed User Count" you will be prompted to boost your user count.

enter image description here

6) Now Press "Save".
7) On the RT GSync Users Configuration page there will be a "Preferences" shortcut. Here you can enable the schedulers and save your RT GSync settings. (Activate or Deactivate Calendar Sync, Contacts Sync, Documents Sync, Archive Emails). You may need to enable RT GSync for your own user before accessing this page.

enter image description here

8) Now Go to Studio > Users > Layouts > Edit View

enter image description here

Gmail Sync - Validate License

9) Now Create new panel there and drag drop “Gmail ID” and “Gmail Password” fields in that panel.

enter image description here

10) Now click on "Save & Deploy" to save changes.

enter image description here

11) Installation has been completed now. To get your data synced, Please refer to "Sugar 6 - User Guide"
Note: Do not enter Gmail user name and password during the creation of user as an Administrator.


To confirm that your installation and configuration is done then verify the following points:
- All the RT GSync related Schedulers are created and are Active.
- The RT GSync module is being shown in the top menu bar.


1) On the Administration page, click on “Module Loader” to Uninstall the package.

enter image description here

2) Click on Uninstall button.

enter image description here

3) Package will be deleted successfully.


1) When there are any updates on Sugar Version, the third party plugins stops working. So, Uninstall and reinstall the RT GSync package to continue using RT GSync.
2) Most of the people face a problem after installing and configuring RT GSync successfully i.e. the Meetings are not synced properly. Use the following steps to eradicate the problem :
a. Verify that under RT GSync "Preferences" screen, all options (Check boxes) to Sync data are checked.
b. Check that RT GSync related Schedulers are "Active" (under Admin Settings -> Schedulers).
c. Make sure that on your Sugar Instance "Sugar Default Schedulers" are running at regular intervals. If not, then please setup Cron Job at your server and test. If issue persists then submit a case.
d. After test connection successful, make sure you have taken on a popup screen to grant access for Gmail Authentication.
3) If you see any error like the following on running the sync .Then you should ask your IT/Network admins to setup a cron job for your instance:
***    *    *    *    *     cd /opt/bitnami/apps/sugarcrm/htdocs; php -f cron.php > /dev/null 2>&1**

Technical Support

If you face any issue during RT GSync installation process then please use the SugarOutfitters "Support" tab to Create a Case. (Please include your Sugar version you are using to assist our Developers in troubleshooting).

Download Installation Guide

Please click on following URL to download RT GSync Sugar 6 Installation Guide

  1. fredrikwestin member avatar


    7 years ago

    Could you please explain how to: ""please add following URL as redirect URI to Google APIs console""

  2. karelgeenen member avatar


    6 years ago

    Not working! The package you are attempting to install does not conform to the policies established within the Sugar Open Cloud or by your system administrator

  3. meyerwells member avatar


    6 years ago

    In the installation process you reference executing the generated sql. What sql? It's been a wild goose chase to attempt to track down any sql that needs to be ran. Where is it?

    • jason member avatar

      jason Verified Purchase

      6 years ago

      Upon the Quick Repair and Rebuild page fully loading you can find the Generated SQL by scrolling down the page. If any SQL needs to be executed it will show a big text area box. There will be a button below it with the option to Execute SQL.

  4. fredrikwestin member avatar


    6 years ago

    The Module Lodader in SugarAdmin asks:
    Ready To Uninstall?
    Remove Tables Do Not Remove Tables
    Shall the tables be removed or not?

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