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Become more efficient! Enter everything just once. Automatically sync Emails, Calendars, Contacts, and Documents between Google Apps and Sugar. Get your Gmail, Contacts, Calendar items and Documents automatically synced instantly with this seamless integration.

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Release Notes


  • Related record of a document in SugarCRM to directory mapping in Google Drive.
  • Parent of Drive file to related record mapping in SugarCRM

How it Works:

  • A document related to an Account e.g. Honda will sync to Google and will be placed in the directory (SugarCRM/Accounts/Honda)
  • A document placed in the SugarCRM/Leads/Toyota will be synced to SugarCRM and will attach to a Lead named Toyota (a new lead will be created in case)

Known issues:

  • Changing the file folder will not unlink it from its related record unless the file is edited (name/description/version etc)
  • If a record is created and more than one document is attached before syncing, separate directories will be created for each file.
  • Moving files between record directories (.e.g SugarCRM/Accounts/Honda) might not result in desired outcomes

Special Instructions

  • It is a good idea to perform Repair and Rebuild after installation (not required)
  • Try not to change the description of SugarCRM directories in Google Drive, if editing is necessary, try to append it at the end


  • Compatible from Sugar 7.11 to 9.0

Version 3.9.2 (Available: 06/27/18)


  • Sugar Contacts not syncing to Google issue fixed.
  • Used SugarCRM's default Google API Php Client from vendor/Google

Known issues:

  • This package does not contain a manifest (#228)
  • Duplication of events(#217)

Special Instructions

  • It is a good idea to perform Repair and Rebuild after installation (not required)


  • Compatible from SugarCRM 7.11 to 8.2

Version 3.9.1 (Available: 6/27/18)


  • SugarCRM 7.8 - 7.11 (on-premise and on-demand)
  • SugarCRM 8.0.0 (on-premise and on-demand)


  • Multiple Calendars Support
  • Google drive sync feature is added
  • Added Multiple Calendars Support
  • Automatically added Gmail ID field on installation and removed on uninstallation
  • Uninstallation deactivates schedulers


  • Auto redirection to license page issue resolved
  • Data cleanup on uninstallation is now optional
  • Reduced access to Google Suite
  • Gmail password in the user profile is no longer required

Known Issues

  • Entry in the secondary calendar as well as primary calendar when updated from SugarCRM

SuiteCRM Package Version 3.7.1 (Unavailable: 6/12/18)

  • We have stopped providing SuiteCRM support and packages via SugarOutfitters. RT GSync for SuiteCRM can be found at the SuiteStore at this link.

Sugar6/SuiteCRM Package Version 3.7.1 (Available: 4/12/18)


  • Compatibility up to SuiteCRM 7.10.2
  • Multiple Calendars syncing


  • Browser alerts changed to custom Suite alerts.
  • Removed unnecessary logs.
  • User-friendly error messages.


  • Email archiving.
  • Reminder(s) sync with the events.
  • Contacts sync.
  • Syncing multiple email addresses to a single record.
  • Duplication of contacts with same email addresses or contact numbers.
  • Read-only calendars check.
  • Proper Labels for some layouts.
  • Events syncing from Suite to Google.
  • Unsafe scripting.
  • Proper Authentication.
  • Rebuild and repair check after installation.

Version 3.1.03D OnDemand (Available: 11/12/2015)

  • RTGSync onDemand instances relates issues are resolved

Version: 3.1.03 Onsite/OnDemand (Available: 08/11/2015)

  • RTGSync Packages are now compatible with MSSQL database.
    Previously it was only compatible with MySQL database.

Version 3.1.2 Onsite/OnDemand (Available: 06/10/2015)

  • Pre Install checks introduced. If the package is already installed, notify the user to first Un-Install it.
  • Bug resolved related to Email Archive job failure

Version 3.1.1 (Available: 05/21/2015)

  • Google Contacts API changed from v2 to v3 with authentication through oauth2.0

Version 3.0 (Available: 11/28/2014)

  • Migrated Calendar Google API from V2 to V3.
  • Introduced functionality of Recurring events from Google to Sugar and vice versa.
  • Distinguished Calls and Tasks in different colors in Google Calendar.
  • Resolved "Test Connection" button redirection issue.
  • Improvements in the syncing process.

Version 2.0 (Available: 10/03/2014)

  • Updated manifest to restrict to 7.* versions only
  • Fixed path issue for "vendor/Zend/Gdata/ClientLogin.php"
  • Resolved redirect_uri_mismatch issue

Provides the following features:

  • Calendar Syncing (Configurable two-way sync between Sugar and Gmail)
  • Contact Syncing (Configurable two-way sync between Sugar and Gmail)
  • Email Archiving

Version 1.9 (Available: 01/20/2014)

  • Bug Fixing

Version 1.8 (Available: 1/10/2014)

  • Gsync will skip recurrent events instead of failing the complete sync process but it will sync all other events. We are working on handling recurring events in the future.

Version 1.7 (Available: 11/18/2013)

  • Per User Licence Feature (no longer pay for all your sugar users, select only the amount of users that will be using the Syncing Module)
  • Activity stream will show the original user who created the record through GSync instead of Administrator.

Version 1.6 (Available: 9.25.13)

  • Created/Modified by the field for new records created through GSync will be set to the user currently being synced.

Version 1.5

  • Create Scheduler Jobs Automatically with status Inactive.
  • Preference setting page for individual users
    ** Contacts Google to Sugar or Sugar to Google on/off sync option.
    ** Documents Google to Sugar or Sugar to Google on/off sync option.
    ** Activate or Deactivate each Scheduler job (for admin only)
  • Exclude Group users from total user count for licensing.

Each user can access the settings page by clicking GSync from the module list.

Version 1.4

  • Test Connection button added to users EditView.
  • Held Meetings/Calls created in Sugar will not Sync into Gmail.
  • Double notification email issue resolved for Sugar 6.7 and above.

*** ATTN EXISTING USERS: Before installing the version 1.3 please uninstall the version you are currently using, then make a fresh install using the same steps mentioned as in Installation Guide.

Version 1.3

  • Calendar Syncing (All Day Events)
  • Implemented All day events syncing from Gmail to Sugar and vice versa. After installation a user can select the new All day check-box in Edit-view and Detail-view from Studio >> Meetings, Calls and Tasks.

Version 1.2

  • Calendar Syncing
  • Contact Syncing one way (Sugar to Gmail)**
  • Email Archiving
  • Document Syncing

Version 1.0

  • Calendar Syncing
  • Contact Syncing (Two-way sugar to Gmail and vice versa)
  • Email Archiving
  • Document Syncing
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