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Become more efficient! Enter everything just once. Automatically sync Emails, Calendars, Contacts, and Documents between Google Apps and SugarCRM. Within minutes have your Gmail, contacts, calendar items, and documents from Google automatically sent over to SugarCRM and vice versa with this seamless integration.

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Your Way or the Highway

You're a doer; a mover and shaker.

You've got calls to make, meetings to schedule, and tasks to do.

You don't have time to enter that stuff twice. want that history related to your SugarCRM contacts.


RTGSync for SugarCRM

Now that you have this tool you continue to work the way you always have...your way!

Whether you prefer to work in your SugarCRM or in Google, your work will automatically sync over to the other system.

Award Winning Integration

RTGSync was selected as the SugarCRM App of the Month for being an innovative solution to a complex business problem.

Designed to Work How You Work

Most Gmail integrations reside on the browser side. RTGSync is a tightly integrated SugarCRM solution that requires only a single installation. Once installed, your users can take advantage of it from any browser, right away.

This promotes CRM adoption and saves an enormous amount of time. Items get created automatically no matter what your users are used to use. RTGSync gives you the liberty to use what is best for you. No browser plugin required, making it easy to both install and use.

A Populated Address Book

You love using Gmail? But your contacts are constantly being added to SugarCRM? This tool can bring your contacts over so that you can easily email them or invite them to Google Calendar events.

What Are the Rest of the Features?

Automatic Email archiving for all the incoming and outgoing emails even if users send and receive emails from Gmail. If you send and receive emails from Gmail then automatically the emails are archived with the associated records in SugarCRM.
NOTE: Works with any Google Apps enabled domain or even if you only have a Gmail account and not Google Apps.


SugarCRM & Google Calendar Sync

If users create a Calendar items in SugarCRM it will appear in their Google Calendar. If users create a Calendar item in their Google Calendar it will appear in their SugarCRM instance. Similarly if a Calendar item is deleted in SugarCRM it will get deleted from Google Calendar.

Call Tagging

SugarCRM & Google Contacts Sync

If a user creates a Contact in Sugar it will appear in Gmail and if a user creates a contact in Gmail it will appear in SugarCRM. Similarly if you delete a contact from Sugar it will be deleted from Gmail and vice versa.

Add to My Contacts

SugarCRM & Google Docs Sync (on-premise only)

If a user creates a Google doc it will appear in SugarCRM documents module. Similarly if a user creates a document in SugarCRM it will appear in the associated Google docs. (This feature is available for SugarCRM On-Site customers only)

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