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Improve your CRM data quality by identifying duplicate Leads that already exist in Sugar. Customize the level of detection to your needs.

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Which module is the dashlet available in?

This dashlet is specifically designed for the Leads module. It’s not available in other modules.

Which modules does this dashlet search for duplicate records in?

This dashlet will find potential duplicate records in the Accounts, Contacts and Leads modules.

Which fields does the dashlet check for potential matches?

The dashlet is designed to detect potential match records by finding matches in SugarCRM’s stock phone numbers (mobile phone, office phone, alternate phone, fax, etc), the person’s name, the account name and their email address.

How does the 'Name' match work?

The name match works on the full name. For example “John + Smith” is a combination of the first name + last name fields.

Does the dashlet check all email addresses or just the primary?

As you know, you can add multiple email addresses to a Contact, Lead or Account. This dashlet will only find matches in the main primary email address associated with these records.

Why are there settings for “Warning”, “Caution”, Do Not Use”?

Your use case may differ from others. So we’ve added a bit of control to how the information is displayed on a dashlet and which fields to include or exclude.

On the Duplicate Lead Detective settings page (available to system administrators) you can see that for each of the areas that our dashlet will check there are radio selections with three options:

  • Warning: Critical duplication identified. Changes the label to a red when a match is found
  • Caution: Less severe or coincidental duplication identified. Changes the label to amber when a match is found
  • Do Not Use: Excluded from duplicate checks.

Read more on this in the Admin Guide.

Why can I not see the dashlet when I’m creating a Lead?

The dashlet will only be shown on the Record View dashlet and not in the Create View. It checks for potential matches after the record is saved.

I can see the dashlet, but it just says 'Loading...'?

Check the Duplicate Lead Detective settings page (available to system administrators), you have probably not yet set the severity levels for your selected fields. Read more on this in the Admin Guide.

After editing a record, the dashlet did not refresh. How do I get the dashlet to refresh?

You simply need to refresh the browser page.

Can you customise the dashlet to include the postcode or some of my custom fields?

In some cases, we can create a customised version just for you. This may incur an additional cost. Email with your request.

How do I push the dashlet out to all users?

You can either instruct users on how to add the dashlet themselves or follow our guide to share Dashboards with your team members:

Will this work on mobile?

This will not work on mobile. It’s for the desktop version of Sugar only.

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