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Improve your CRM data quality by identifying duplicate Leads that already exist in Sugar. Customize the level of detection to your needs.

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Configuring the Duplicate Lead Detective Dashlet

Once the package is installed, add the dashlet to the Leads Record View Dashboard. Follow the User Guide on how to add the dashlet to your Dashboard.

To configure the settings, go to Admin > Duplicate Lead Detective Settings

Note: The module and field labels below may differ in your system if these were modified.

Select Modules

A System Admin user can choose which modules to include in the Lead duplicate checks. The Sugar stock modules to choose from and selected by default are:

  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Leads

To remove a module, simply click the ‘x’ in the module name tag. Disabled modules will not be displayed in the Duplicate Lead Detective dashlet.

To enable a module, click into the field and choose a module from the dropdown list.

Select Fields

The following Sugar stock fields can be included in duplicate checks against your Lead record:

Accounts: Account Name, Phone, Email Contacts: Contact Name, Phone, Email Leads: Contact Name, Account Name, Phone, Email

Contact Name will cross-check the combination of Sugars’ stock First and Last Name.

Phone will cross-check Sugars’ stock Phone-type fields.

Email will cross-check Sugars’ stock Primary Email Address fields.

Warning/Caution/Do Not Use

You can select a severity level for each of the Select Fields on determining a duplication. These will be displayed in the dashlet with a coloured label.

Warning: Critical duplication identified. This will change the label on the dashlet to a red Warning label if a match is found.

Caution: Less severe or coincidental duplication identified. This will change the label on the dashlet to an amber Caution label if a match is found.

Do Not Use: Excluded from duplicate checks.

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