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Creating individual workflow processes and define detailed automatization tasks for your CRM. Break out of the standard Sugar workflow frame and extend your CRM with your very own, personal BI. No need of hiring external consultants doing your customizations; stop dealing with compatibility problems and communication issues that come with it. Save money and get done faster! Keep your CRM as it is meant to be, your CRM!

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#3797 Update Not Working - I am using sugar 6.5 and i wrote an update flow and its not working. shaveekapoor Open Bug?
#3320 Workflow aow_processed and aow_actions tables! - Dear Sirs, I have discovered recently that CRM database size is 80% large with aow_processed and it12 Open General Question
#2525 Importing + email recipients - Hello Sirs, I have a question about importing tasks from Process manager to Workflow Task Engine it12 Open General Question
#2394 Is this compatible with v7.x? - Only v6 compatibility is listed. Will it work for v7, or is it planned? daustin Open General Question
#1973 Workflow action - Required Fields when Updating Records - We are testing a workflow where i update the Name of record that matches certain criteria. The mod tsalex33 Open General Question
#1971 Database Failure on Workflow Condition Save - We are getting a 'Database failure' message when trying to save a condition in any workflo tsalex33 Closed Bug?
#1718 Failed Install - Log: Installing action_view_map extension Installing administration extension Installing Language steve7 Closed Bug?