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#3320 - Workflow aow_processed and aow_actions tables!

Open General Question created by it12 6 years ago

Dear Sirs,

I have discovered recently that CRM database size is 80% large with aow_processed and aow_actions tables and only 20% with the rest. Database is 29GB in size and only because of these 2 tables. Is advanced workflow same way filling up the database as standard CRM workflow, are there any differences?

Thank you very much.

Best Regards,


  1. cm_sugar member avatar

    CM & Sugar Provider Affiliate

    6 years ago

    Hello, since I am not using any aow modules, I cant give you a satisfying answer. However, my plugin does use a logging table for triggered records, which got linked to any defined workflow. It is mandatory to log them, if you have a certain limit defined. For example I provide the feature that you can trigger workflow just one time (eg new record) and never again. Thus I need to store the record somewhere. Further, I do save the logged records, but only once it has been identified to trigger any linked action. Therefore it should produce way lesser overhead than aow modules, where they save all the time any interaction of any SugarCRM record.

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