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#1971 - Database Failure on Workflow Condition Save

Closed Bug? created by tsalex33 6 years ago

We are getting a 'Database failure' message when trying to save a condition in any workflow.

The error log shows the following:

Retrieving record by id cms_workflowconditionlines: found  Query Failed: SELECT cms_workflowconditionlines.* FROM cms_workflowconditionlines  WHERE = '' LIMIT 0,1: MySQL error 1146: Table 'alextest.cms_workflowconditionlines' doesn't exist

We are running SuiteCRM 7.1.2. We downloaded and installed the module earlier today.

I have tried uninstalling and re-installing the module. Since this is a test instance i have also set all CRM folder permissions to 775 prior to installing the module, but that has not resolved the issue. No errors are displayed during module installation.

The table 'cms_workflowconditionlines' does not exist in the database, so It seems that the installation procedure doesn't create the table. How can this be resolved?


  1. cm_sugar member avatar

    CM & Sugar Provider Affiliate

    6 years ago

    Hello, Your problem sounds like you have not done the final repair after installing the package. At the installation guide its pointed out to redo the repair, because Sugar does not register sub beans like conditions at package installing. Suite is the same, since it copied Sugar core framework...

    Please let me know, if that helped you

    • tsalex33 member avatar


      6 years ago

      Yes, that was it... I had run a quick repair & rebuild but did not notice/execute the script at the bottom of the page to sync database & vardefs.

      Thanks for the quick reply! Much Appreciated.

    • cm_sugar member avatar

      CM & Sugar Provider Affiliate

      6 years ago

      perfect! soon I will release a new version with some updates. It will be the same procedure with every package.

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