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#3678 - Installation problem

Closed Installation created by damien8105 Verified Purchase a year ago

I downloaded the Security Suite and tried to install it on SugarCRM CE 6.5. However I got the following error message " the file is not compatible with these versions (Open Source, Professional, or Enterprise) of Sugar Suite:6.5.20": Is it possible to get a Security Suite version compatible with SugarCRM CE 6.5 .
Thank you.

  1. eggsurplus member avatar

    eggsurplus Provider Affiliate

    a year ago

    Hello Roberto,

    From your downloads grab the and install that one. That will work with your 6.5.20 install.

    Let me know if you have any questions.


    • damien8105 member avatar

      damien8105 Verified Purchase

      a year ago

      Yes, that was the problem. Now it works, thank you Jason.

    • eggsurplus member avatar

      eggsurplus Provider Affiliate

      a year ago

      Great! I'll close this case out for now. Feel free to open a new one if you have any other questions.

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