When I first released the alpha version of SecuritySuite over 10 years ago I could not imagine it being used by tens of thousands of businesses every single day. Today, SuiteCRM includes a basic version of SecuritySuite by default. Wow! I am forever grateful.

This leads me to the big announcement. I have never posted a blog about SecuritySuite before, but I am so excited about these new capabilities and plans that I had to share them. These are not included in SuiteCRM by default. Please humor me for a few minutes and read on.

Multiple Assigned Users

This has been a long time limitation in SugarCRM and SuiteCRM, but not anymore. It works just like the main Assigned To user field. Data permissions, assignment notifications, etc work as you would expect it to. Available in the Enterprise plan

Grant Admin Rights

Give users the ability to administer users, be admins for only certain modules, or even the ability to customize layouts only for certain modules. Available in Enterprise & Professional

Custom Group Layouts

Use Studio to create layouts for any security group. Great for optimizing the interface by removing unneeded fields and for hiding sensitive information. Available in all plans

Other Enhanced Features

Here are some of the other popular features available in all plans of SecuritySuite (not included in SuiteCRM by default):

  • Quickly help by logging in as any user
  • Filter search results by groups/teams
  • See assigned groups on views
  • Assign Create permissions. Great for data entry positions. ​

See how SecuritySuite can help your business to better secure your CRM and make you more efficient.